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Six short stories involving distressed people .

Aug 21,2014

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Thriller

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"Relatos Salvajes" is a black comedy film divided in six segments. (1) "Pasternak": one model and a music critic in a plane find that they have a common acquaintance called Pasternak. Soon they discover that every passenger and crew on board know Pasternak. Cosmic coincidence? (2) "The Rats": a waitress of a diner recognizes her client as the loan shark that caused a tragedy in her family. The cook suggests mixing rat poison in his food, but she refuses. But the cook decides to proceed in her plan. When his son arrives, the waitress tries to fix the situation. (3) "The Strongest": Two drivers on a lone highway have an argument with tragic consequences. (4) "Little Bomb": The demolition engineer has his car towed by a truck for parking in a wrong place and he has an argument with the employee of the towing company. This event destroys his private and professional life, and he plots revenge against the corrupt towing company and the City Hall. (5) "The Proposal": The reckless ...

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