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Sep 26,2014

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

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Doug (David Tennant) and Abi (Rosamund Pike) and their three children travel to the Scottish Highlands for Doug's father Gordie's (Billy Connolly) birthday party. It's soon clear that when it comes to keeping a secret under wraps from the rest of the family, their children are their biggest liability .
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman tells her husband, 'If you don't get out of this room, I'm going to shout out rape out of this window.' The man leaves. In one scene, there are several references to lesbians. A boy and a girl kiss outside. Relatively frequent references to affairs and adultery.
violence A dead body is burnt. Not particularly graphic.
profanity 1 Mouthed F Word. 2 uses of 'prick.' 4 uses of 'wanker,' and 'shit.' Frequent religious profanities.
alcohol Social drinking at a party, nothing major.
frightening The children's parents argue a lot which may make some younger children feel distressed. Several discussions about divorce and cancer. Halfway through the movie, Grandpa dies in his sleep and the scene is very sudden.

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