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One Word Can Change Everything.

Dec 09,2008

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Romance

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Length: 104 Minute(s)
Carl Allen has stumbled across a way to shake free of post-divorce blues and a dead-end job: embrace life and say yes to everything.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 6/10 Towards the end of the movie, Carl (Jim Carrey) is shown in a hospital gown with the back flapping open. His rear is partly visible. There are a few sexual references, but not very crude. -PG-13 Masturbation is talked about in jokes.-PG-13 The protagonist [Carrey] is solicited to have sex with his elderly neighbor. She lays him on her bed and you see her head go down toward his waist off camera. You then see her put her false teeth in a bedside glass. You then see him moaning in arousal [obvious implied fellatio]. -R Later in the film, his friend is propositioned by her and they go off camera for implied same relations.-PG-13 At the very end of the film, an audience is shown without clothing. All is covered from the front, but there are rear ends revealed for some moments. Most of the rear ends are of women, including a pretty close shot of a woman's bare butt for those couple of moments. In this scene, a woman's bare breasts are seen briefly (about 10 seconds) quite close-up.-PG-13 A couple make out and Carl talks about them touching their genitals. -PG-13
violence 3/10 A short shot of the film Saw in which a man is sawing off his leg. No gore is shown and it is very short. Two men get in a bar fight although only two punches are thrown and a man gets kneed in the stomach. - Humorous Two men get into a car crash. They are shown getting hit by an oncoming car and then it quickly cuts to the hospital.
profanity 7/10 3 uses of "f*ck -R Some uses of ass -PG Several uses of goddamn -PG
alcohol 3/10 One bar scene shows three young men with 18 empty cocktail glasses and wine glasses in front of them while they finish a tall cocktail each (one of them slurs his speech and snorts hot pepper sauce, pounding the table and yelling). Three scenes show people drinking beer. Four scenes show waitresses in a bar with trays full of beer bottles and mixed drinks. Bottles of beer sit on tables in bar scenes and some people drink briefly. Customers walk through a bar with cocktails and beer bottles in their hands and a few drink. Alcohol is served at parties. A man sets a glass of wine on a special mattress and jumps up and down on the bed without spilling any wine.
frightening The fact that the man has a sexual relation with an older woman is pretty inappropriate. Suggested MPAA rating: R for sexual content/humor, some nudity and strong language. 15+

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