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Winnie the Pooh (2011)

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Oh Pooh.

Apr 13,2011

Hollywood Movies | Family | Animation

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Length: 63 Minute(s)
During an ordinary day in Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh sets out to find some honey. Misinterpreting a note from Christopher Robin, Pooh convinces Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Owl, Kanga, Roo, and Eeyore that their young friend has been captured by a creature named "Backson" and they set out to save him.
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Movie Parental Guide

frightening The scene where the animals imagine what the Backson would do is a little psychedelic in nature, and may upset young children. The Backson appears at the end of the credits. He looks like the animals imagined him earlier, but his demeanor is not scary. Characters get stuck in a hole for a couple minutes and Piglet thinks they will be stranded there forever. Piglet goes into the scary woods and thinks the backson is out to get him.

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