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This is the future... This is the year 1997.

Aug 14,2015

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Comedy | Action

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In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, an orphaned teen must battle a ruthless warlord to save the girl of his dreams.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Few kisses, bare shoulders. Really is none. A man mentions that a "vicious whore" bit his balls. A kid scavenges a pen with a topless woman on the label. It is quickly shown and her nipples cannot be seen. 2/10
violence 9/10 - Some explosions and fighting. Numerous over the top explosive blood and guts sprays and deaths via dismemberment, decapitation, and body explosions. Extremely graphic, but non-realistic, and certainly overplayed and over the top comedy gore. Think Army of the dead or Dead Alive.
profanity 8/10 Multiple uses of the word "fuck", "shit", "son of a bitch". 16 F- Words 8 S-Words 2 Hell 2 G*d D*mn 3 A** 1 B*stards 4 B-Words
alcohol 3/10 Characters are seen drinking unknown substances. A character smokes cigars No drugs.
frightening 5/10 Some characters may be frightening to young audience members. [spoilers] A main character's death towards the end of the film may be upsetting to some viewers. [spoilers/] This movie is Not rated but if this movie was rated it certainly has R rated levels of blood/gore and profanity.

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