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Stealing, Cheating, Killing. Who said romance was dead?

Sep 09,1993

Hollywood Movies | Action | Romance | Crime | Thriller

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Clarence marries hooker Alabama, steals cocaine from her pimp, and tries to sell it in Hollywood, while the owners of the coke try to reclaim it.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 5/10 Some mild sexual dialogue A women is a prostitute. She doesn't do anything though. It's just mentioned
violence 10/10 A man shoots two men to death with a shotgun (blood spurts out of their shirts), then shoots a dog (blood spurts). A man shoots another man in the crotch (blood spurts out of his boxers), and then fires several shots into his head (with some blood spurt, although the act is mostly off-screen). He also shoots another man to death (blood spurts out of his shirt). A man is tortured by having his palm sliced open with a knife. Gasoline is then poured on the wound. The man is shot in the head repeatedly (blood spurts in a brief shot), he falls to the ground, and a few more shots are fired. A man punches a woman in the face. She's on the ground, with blood on her face, and he then punches and kicks her repeatedly until her face is COVERED in blood. The woman then smacks him in the head with a mini-statue, and they tussle until the man pushes her into a shower. After some more tussling, she hits the man in the head several times with the top of a toilet. She then gets a lighter and hair spray (or something along the lines of that), and lights the man on fire. She then stabs him with a Swiss army knife repeatedly and shoots him in the chest several times with his shotgun. This scene is extremely intense and violent. Lee, Elliot, Clarence, Alabama, and Dick are negotiating when the cops come in. Then, the mobsters come in also. After some arguing, a 5 minute shootout begins. Lee, Elliot, the mobsters, and all the cops (except for Nicky) are shot to death repeatedly (with LOTS of blood spurts). Nicky shoots Clarence, but the bullet hits his eye instead of his forehead, causing him to survive. Nicky finds that one of the guards is still bleeding out, and shoots him several times as revenge. Alabama then shoots Nicky in the chest with blood spurt.
profanity 10/10 F*ck(34), Sh*t(12), A*s(16), Hell(12), Goddamn(9), S.O.B(6), Wh*re(5), P*ssy(5), N*gger(5), D*ck(4), Jesus(4), B*tch(3), A*shole(3), Christ(3), F*g(2), B*lls(2), C*ck(2), Screw(1), B*stard(1), Piss(1), Damn(1). Also some sexual dialogue.
alcohol 8/10 The plot revolves around stolen cocaine. Dick samples it by snorting it off of a butter knife, and Lee snorts it through a rolled up piece of paper or something along the lines of that. Dick's roommate, Floyd, is a stoner who sits on the couch all day. He's high for all of his screentime, clearly smokes a joint in one scene, and takes a hit off a bong in another scene.
frightening 9/10 Only for people who can stand raw, outdrawn violence. Rated R for strong violence and language, and for sexuality and drug use

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