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Jul 14,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

Ratings: 7.8 / 10 from

57  users

Length: 162 Minute(s)
Without a warning a father comes to visit his daughter abroad. He believes that she lost her humor and therefore surprises her with a rampage of jokes.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The film contains a scene where the female protagonist asks a man to masturbate and ejaculate onto a piece of pastry which she promises to consume in front of him. The man proceeds to do so. He is seen masturbating from behind, with his hand visibly moving and slight glimpses of him explicitly rubbing his genitals can be seen (the motion is very quick however). The man ejaculates off-screen, then lays down and is seen touching his penis (which is semi-erect) in full view before he pulls up his pants. The woman then eats the pastry. The man's semi-erection can be seen through his underwear as she eats it. In one scene, the female protagonist decides to hold a nude birthday party. Some of her colleagues muster the courage to turn up nude for the party. The female protagonist topless, and one woman enters nude showing a glimpse of her pubic hair as she enters. She is topless but her hair covers her breasts. A man enters, covering his genitals at first. He is then seen fully nude from behind, and later is seen fully nude from the front
violence A bit of blood as Ines examines an injured toe.
profanity A fair amount, but not excessive, especially by American standards.
alcohol Smoking and drinking at a level typical of Europe, including several scenes of cocktails consumed at bars, parties, etc.
frightening plot is on the main page forget what other people suggest, the rules are read above and make up your own mind. correct and official ratings already included below by IMDB

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