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Soon after conveying a patient to an understaffed doctor#39;s facility, a cop encounters odd and brutal events apparently connected to a gathering of baffling hooded figures.

Apr 07,2017

Hollywood Movies | Horror

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At the point when cop Carter (Aaron Poole) finds a blood-drenched man limping down a left street, he surges him to a neighborhood healing facility with a barebones, night move staff. As shrouded, clique like figures encompass the building, the patients and staff inside begin to turn avariciously crazy. Attempting to ensure the survivors, Carter drives them into the profundities of the doctor's facility where they find a portal to colossal shrewdness.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Full frontal nudity with moderate detail is depicted, but it is justified by context, and not excessive. There are brief depictions of female full frontal nudity in the film. In a scene, a man looks through a stack of photos and sees a photo showing female lower body nudity and another photo showing a woman's bare breasts.
violence Realistic depictions of violence and gore (with strong impact) are portrayed, albeit justified by context. The film contains several impactful scenes depicting bloody violence and gore. In one prolonged sequence, three men are attacked by numerous deformed monstrosities and alien-like creatures. In this sequence, dismembered and mutilated human bodies are strewn across what seems to be a torture chamber. A human-like creature slams its head into a metal rod several times and a gaping hole in its head can be seen. In another scene, a man is captured by a monster and his head is slammed repeatedly on the ground. Apart from these depictions, there are scenes where characters are attacked by creatures which use their tentacles to burrow into the victims' eye sockets and torsos, where close-up shots of the bloody injuries are visible. Other depictions include one scene which shows a deranged woman cutting off strips of skin from her face, and another scene during the cold open where a young woman is shot in the back, doused in gasoline, and burned to death. Cumulatively, the depictions of violence feature strong and gory details of bloodshed and injury, and are thus suited for an older audience.
profanity The film contains some use of coarse language, such as the stronger expletive "motherf**ker", as well as the expletive "f**k".
frightening 'The Void' is a sci-fi horror film about a group of people trapped in a hospital by a clandestine cult and confronted with otherworldly monstrosities. Official Canada Rating: 18A (explicit violence) [British Columbia, Consumer Protection BC] Suggested MPAA Rating: R for strong creature violence and gore, disturbing images, nudity and language

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