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Only the smartest will survive

Oct 12,2016

Hollywood Movies | Thriller

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In a post-apocalyptic future where population control is dictated by a high-school aptitude test, two students discover the test is smoke and mirrors hiding a larger conspiracy.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 3/10 Although there is implied sex, and a brief sexual reference, that will most likely go over young kids' heads. As for the kisses, they are kept short, clean, and non-graphic. Two teens go in a pool. Both only in underwear. Afterwards they share a long kiss, but the kiss is fully clothed. It is implied that a girl had sex with her teacher to pass the test. Teens are told to remove all clothing before they are killed, for the process to work properly. No nudity is shown. A teenage girl admits to a boy she used to like him. Two teens change clothes. They look away from each other, and no nudity is shown. A teacher says to another teacher that she gets "handsy" after a drink. The other teacher says "I can deal with handsy". Two teens kiss.
violence 4/10 Although there is a fair amount of violence, none of it is gratuitous, and no blood is shown at all. The movie revolves around a test that can get a kid killed if failed. A teen gets beaten with a stick. You can here him screaming. Although his attacker is shown, he is not. A masked man gets hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. A masked man gets tackled and knocked to the ground. This results in a fight. A masked man gets knocked out. Multiple masked men are thrown to the wall. Teens are forcefully pushed into chairs. Teens are shown being beaten with a stick, although this is brief and under a red light. A masked man gets punched by a teenage girl. The man kicks her to the ground, and is about to beat her with a stick, but he is stopped by another teen. The teen pushes the man into lockers, and knocks him to the ground. He then bangs the man's head repeatedly into the ground, although the man's head is not shown. As a boy is crawling through a vent, the vent breaks and he falls into polluted water. To prevent him from drowning, a girl jumps in and saves him. A teen gets hit in the face with a stick. This is shown directly onscreen, although the lighting is dim and he isn't injured very badly. After that, the attacker pushes him to the ground, and hits him repeatedly with the stick. This time, only the attacker's face is shown onscreen, with his arm swinging back and forth, stick in hand. A man pulls out a stick on a teen. The scene then cuts to another character. It returns to the earlier shot, with the teen knocked out. The man puts his stick away. It is implied that the teen was beaten. An adult gets punched in the stomach. An adult gets punched in the face, which knocks him to the ground. Two masked men get into a fight. This is not graphic, as they are in suits, and their faces are not shown. Several teens are killed by getting poison injected into their necks. No blood is shown, and the injection is not fully shown. It is later shown that they aren't killed, but forced to work in a factory for the rest of their lives.
profanity 4/10 The language isn't very graphic at all, without a single "f--k". Most kids will be able to handle this language. 6 uses of "s--t". 2 uses of "d--k" and "hell". 1 use of "pissed" and "goddamnit".
alcohol 1/10 A brief reference is all. A teacher asks another teacher if she wants to go out for a drink.
frightening 5/10 This movie may be frightening for young children. There are some scary and disturbing scenes. The security guards wear black hockey masks, which could frighten young viewers. Watching teens get picked to be killed can be intense. Teens are shown about to be killed. They are obviously distressed. This can be disturbing for some viewers. A boy almost drowns. Although he gets saved, this still may be frightening for some viewers. A masked man appears out of nowhere. This may be seen as a frightening jumpscare for some viewers. Overview: While the movie holds a dark and violent tone, it stays entertaining and manages to not be graphic at all. There are some non-graphic steamy scenes, but most tweens are old enough to handle that. It is overall an appropriate, fun, and entertaining adventure that will keep mature tweens and adults alike immersed. Total Count: 17/50 11-12+, depending on the child. Suggested MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic elements, intense and frightening scenes, violence, and some language

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