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The dead don't sleep.

Mar 17,2005

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller | Horror

Ratings: 5.2 / 10 from

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Length: 110 Minute(s)
Rachel Keller must prevent evil Samara from taking possession of her son's soul.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A boy takes a bath in his boxer shorts.
violence 6/10 A woman lifts a sheet covering a body, unzips a body bag, and opens it to reveal the tortured and distorted features of a young man's face -- the skin is tinged grey and the veins are prominent, eyes are rolled back; she screams and cries, a decomposed and wrinkled arm reaches out from the bag and a girl sits up and snarls at the woman. A dead man slumps back and we see his grey-tinged, tortured and deformed facial features. A young man sees a dark liquid oozing from under a doorway, he goes into a room, sees an image on a TV, we see a figure with decomposing grey-tinged skin and long hair hanging over its face climb out of a well, walk toward the screen and we see a flash while a young woman in the room screams. A boy has a dream where a television turns on by itself, a boy tries to turn it off, water begins to fill the room, the boy is terrified, backs up toward the TV and two grey-tinged, decomposing arms reach out, grab him and drag him into the TV; he wakes up in a cold sweat screaming for help. A woman is grabbed by two grey-tinged and decomposing arms, pulled into a TV, where she falls into a well and into water. A bathtub fills with water and a boy sits in it: the bathroom door closes by itself, water begins to pour from under/through the door, the door opens, water pours upward and we see the boy in the tub being held by grey-tinged and decomposing arms (the boy has handprint shaped bruises/burns on his back later); the boy opens his eyes and they are white, a woman pushes the boy down, under water, the water turns black, and decomposing arms reach out and grab her trying to pull her in. A woman gives a boy a sedative, puts him in a bathtub, he struggles against her, she pushes him under water attempting to drown him, black strands of hair come out of his mouth, a ghost comes out of the water, and then falls in droplets back into the tub and the boy lies motionless; the woman pulls the boy out of the tub and tries to revive him. A woman climbs out of a well, a scary looking girl follows her, but the woman reaches the top, the girl grabs her leg, and the woman kicks the girl, which falls back down into the water; the woman gets out of the well and puts a lid on it shutting the girl inside. A woman goes to her son's bedroom after the power goes out and she hears noises; she closes a window, turns around and sees the ghost of a girl scratching at the wall, and the boy stands against the wall while flames etch the outline of a tree on the wall and ceiling. A boy looks in a mirror and sees the ghost of a girl behind him. He continuously takes photos while standing in front of the mirror and in each photo you see the girl get closer until she is right behind him. A car nearly hits a deer, and the deer, along with two other deer, charge the car breaking its windows and nearly hitting the passengers inside; one deer charges the car as it drives away, flipping over the hood and trunk and landing on the road, while many deer surround the car and act threateningly. We see a close up of a deer's eye as it stares intimidatingly at a very scared young boy who is inside the car. A boy who is possessed by a ghost tells a woman that he has to show her something; she sits quietly, reaches into a drawer, removes a syringe, fills the tube with air, injects herself in the neck and promptly slumps over dead. A woman walks toward a cliff, sees an image of a woman falling off the cliff, and the woman approaches the cliff and lets herself fall over and into the water below, later waking up alive on her lounge floor. A woman goes into a very dark and creepy basement filled with spider webs, finds a mirror and sees the distorted image of her face, and she finds many deer antlers hanging from the ceiling, as well as an album with newspaper clippings about a woman who tried to kill her child. We hear about a woman having tried to kill her baby by drowning; we see the woman carrying the baby to a pool of water, the baby screams, the woman puts the baby in water, and other women grab the baby, and pull the woman away. A woman takes a video tape from a house where a young man died, she takes the tape to a river, lights a fire in a barrel, burns the tape and we hear faint, high-pitched screaming as it burns. A boy in a hospital bed grabs his mother's arm and she seems to be seeing frightening images. A young man tells a young woman that she has to watch a very scary video and insists upon it (she becomes frightened). We hear a report that a young man was found dead and a young woman was found hiding in the basement. A young woman walks out of a house and appears catatonic.
profanity 5/10 1 scatological term, 4 mild obscenities, 1 religious profanity, 6 religious exclamations and some insults. Name-calling (stupid chick.) No additional language in Unrated. One F-Bomb by Naomi Watts's character in the last part of the film to The Ring: (I'm not your fucking mother!).
alcohol 1/10 A woman commits suicide with some drug.
frightening 8/10 Quite a few scary moments where things jump out or there is silence and it seems like something is going to jump out. References of parents drowning children. If your children have seen the first film, this one is a bit more scary but they should be fine. Total: 20/50. Should be okay for 11/12+ as long as they are not scared easily, otherwise 14+

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