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Here comes the bribe...

Jun 01,2009

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Romance

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Length: 108 Minute(s)
When she learns she's in danger of losing her visa status and being deported, overbearing book editor Margaret Tate forces her put-upon assistant, Andrew Paxton, to marry her.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Parent Guidelines: sexual references, cleavages, revealing clothing, Adult content, mature themes A man begins disrobing on stage and does what male strippers do on stage. In a shower the outline of a nude female form is seen through the fog; a frontal shot of the nude woman is shown after she steps out of the shower (she covers herself with a washcloth and hands, she is shown from the side). She runs out and her bare backside (including buttocks) is flashed in a mirror. She collides with a man. Both of their nude sides are visible, however the man's nude backside is also visible. She gets up and backs away with her hands covering her hands covering her private parts. A woman is shown with shorts barely covering her buttocks. A woman is shown in a tight shirt with a plunging neckline and snug exercise shorts. A woman wearing low-cut top, bends over and her cleavage is evident. A woman is shown wearing very short shorts and a low-cut, form-fitting tank top to sleep. A woman in a pair of very short shorts and a low-cut tank top pulls a knee-length robe over herself, tying it as she walks. the bare sides of the man and woman are shown, as well as the bare buttock of the man and the woman), she says that the man was "so, so naked," and later, the man acknowledges that the woman had seen his genitals and asks if she liked what she had seen. A man and the woman awkwardly embrace and share a romantic kiss. A woman and a man are shown sharing a bed, the woman rubs the shoulders of the man warmly, she then suggests that he get out of bed and he declines. A man rubs his hands across her back and lingers on her bottom, then playfully smacks her bottom twice. A man climbs into bed with a woman and embraces her, she acts surprised, sits up and says, "Hey now!" and the two continue in a close embrace. A woman sings suggestive lyrics while dancing in an exaggerated suggestive fashion. A woman wearing a skirt is shown descending a ladder, a man places his hand on her buttock. A woman discusses the size of another woman's chest as she gropes through loose fabric to find her breasts. A man implies that a woman has a secret tattoo in a private area of her body.
violence A woman playfully slaps a man on the face while smiling and under her breath she threatens to cut off his genitals in his sleep (using an obscene term) and the man chuckles and walks away. A visibly upset woman steers a speedboat at very high speed, lets go of the steering wheel, the boat comes within feet of careening into a buoy, and a man panics and grabs the steering wheel, jerking the boat severely to avoid a collision. A woman is thrown out of a speeding boat as it takes a quick turn, she is shown stranded in deep water, crying out that she cannot swim, she clings to a buoy and is pulled back on board of the boat . A man throws a golf club near the foot of another man and storms away. A woman is shown in the background, handcuffed, and being pulled by two police officers; she is upset and struggles and her muffled cries can be heard through a closed door. A man crashes into another man with a thud as he rushes through a crowded office and accidentally pours hot coffee all over the two of them. A man is shown rushing through an office building and slamming violently into an elevator (he's OK). An elderly woman is shown grabbing her chest and collapsing to the ground; another woman yells that she is having a heart attack, the woman is quickly taken for medical treatment and she is shown with an oxygen mask over her face (she is OK). A woman punches a man in the arm to scold him on two separate occasions. A woman leans over the side of a bed and falls out of the bed (she is unharmed). A woman throws a pillow at a man, the pillow smacks him in the face waking him, and the man throws a pillow at the woman pushing her back. A man states that he used to dream that a person whom he disliked would be hit by a bus or poisoned, and their death would be a dream come true. A man threatens another man with being thrown in. People are engaged in multiple terse and emotional shouting matches throughout the movie. A man is shown swinging an axe high in the air, we hear the axe hitting a surface and we see that the man is violently chopping a log and a woman describes him as "chopping crazily." In front of a large group of people, a man openly mocks a woman claiming that she treats others as slaves. A woman is accused of "being allergic to human emotion." A woman is accused, although in a joking fashion, that she eats children. A woman frankly discusses the death of her parents on multiple occasions. A woman says that flowers remind her of funerals. An elderly woman refers to her own death coming soon. A woman jokingly comments that she does not think that two people will kill each other. An airplane is shown shaking violently due to turbulence, and some passengers seem distressed -- the plane lands without issue. A person is instructed to be careful with a small dog, as eagles could possibly "get it"; an eagle is shown, talons open, grabbing the small dog from the ground and carrying it away, only to drop it into the open arms of a woman (the dog is unharmed); the woman chases the eagle, holding the small dog in the air, calling for the eagle to take the dog back (the eagle flies away). Animal pelts are shown as decoration in a house setting, including draped over couch cushions and on a chair. On TV, two men are about to engage in a bout and one man is shown being punched in the face and falling down. A woman is shown chewing food, then accidentally spitting the food out (the chewed food is shown coming out of her mouth and hitting a man standing in front of her). Two people openly discuss flatulence.
profanity 3 scatological terms, 9 anatomical terms, 8 mild obscenities, 6 religious exclamations. Words such as s**t, bitch Name-calling and disparaging terms (the one with ugly hands, sassy, pathetic, broad, poisonous, a monster, freak, Satan's mistress, saying that a person is moving slower than a grandmother, terrorist, a derogatory term for women), use of pet-names in a sarcastic or mean fashion (sweetie, pumpkin, honey), racist remarks are made about immigrants being nothing more than "gardeners and delivery boys,"
alcohol People are shown drinking socially in a couple of party scenes. People drink champagne. People are shown drinking at a bar, surrounded by beer bottles. A woman takes a long drink of alcohol from a bottle. A man shakes the ice cubes in an empty glass and says that he "needs a refill." A man asks a woman if she takes people out to lunch to "get bombed" and in response to odd behavior a man asks a woman if she is drunk.
frightening A small dog is snatched by some sort of eagle that tries to carry it away, but the dog ends up being rescued. Margaret's cruel behavior toward the people at work may be frightening to young children who might be watching. Margaret falls out of a boat at one point and nearly drowns. 12+

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