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Length: 130 Minute(s)
In New York City, Clary Fray, a seemingly ordinary teenager, learns that she is descended from a line of Shadowhunters — half-angel warriors who protect humanity from evil forces. After her mother disappears, Clary joins forces with a group of Shadowhunters and enters Downworld, an alternate realm filled with demons, vampires, and a host of other creatures. Clary and her companions must find and protect an ancient cup that holds the key to her mother's future.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 4/10 A young man and a young woman kiss. A young man and a young woman kiss before being interrupted by another young man. Men and women dance in a club and the women are wearing some skimpy outfits. A young woman changes her clothes behind a screen and we can see her silhouette but no real detail. A man is shown wearing boxer briefs and a dress shirt. A young man is shown shirtless (we see his bare chest, abdomen and back) while hanging from clock cables. We see a sketch of a bare-chested young man (his bare chest, shoulders and abdomen are visible). A man is shown bare-chested in several scenes (bare chest, abdomen and shoulders are seen). A young woman and a man look at each other across a crowded club; the man walks toward another woman and they move close to kissing but do not (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A young man caresses a young woman's hair and she smiles. A young man and a young woman hug. A young woman climbs into a hospital bed with a young man; they are both clothed and there is no suggestion of anything sexual. A young woman argues with a young man and says that he should confess that he's in love with another young man.
violence 7/10 A young woman finds her apartment ransacked and walks through the debris; a big dog snarls at her and as she watches it we see its head begin to spilt in two (bloody flesh and matter are revealed), and tendrils shoot out of openings on its body as it transforms into a many toothed demon and it lunges toward her; she lights a flammable liquid and it explodes blowing the creature to bits but the bits begin to reform (we see an eye open in a ball of goo) into the creature until a man stabs it through with a sword (the creature disintegrates). An extended fight scene shows shadow hunters and vampires fighting: one person swings a glowing whip toward the vampires and dispatches several, the vampires are shown baring their pointed teeth and snarling while a young woman shoots, at close range, a vampire that lunges toward her (we see blood on the end of the gun) just before several werewolves jump through windows (shattering glass) and attack the vampires (we see one vampire being thrashed by a wolf) and before a young woman throws a dagger into one wolf and a woman uses her whip to pull down a portion of the ceiling before the shadow hunters run out. A man walks toward a woman across a crowded club, they appear close to kissing until a snake bracelet on her arm slithers off her arm and entwines the man while two men grab and hold him and a third man slices him with a sword; we see the slain man writhing on the floor with what appear to be tentacles poking out of the cuts (blood is not evident); a young woman watching screams at the act and no one else around her seems to see what's happened. Werewolves and demons fight and we see a demon stab a werewolf in the back (we see sharp nails protrude from the wolf's chest and he falls to the floor, presumably dead). A young man plays a piano and a woman begins to twitch and complain; her eyes bulge and roll back in her head as she turns into a demon and grabs a young woman by the throat, and then throws the young man into a wall (he lies motionless on the floor); tentacles burst out of the demon's neck, she throws the young woman into a wall and another young man grabs the demon from behind but is then stabbed by one of the tentacles (we hear a crunch and he falls to the floor). A man breaks a door open and a woman on the inside of the door is thrown to the floor; another man with a large dog enters the room with a weapon as the first swings a long blade toward the woman on the floor; the first man throws the woman into a bank of cabinets and she crashes to the floor, she picks up a knife and tries to stab the man, then strikes him with a skillet a couple of times and slams him in a refrigerator door repeatedly; the other man enters, she strikes him with the skillet and she hides in the bathroom. A man and a demon fight and the demon is stabbed in the back with a boomerang blade. A young man strikes a woman/demon in the head with a shovel and her head tips unnaturally but then rights itself; the young man then tackles the woman and they crash through the door of a house where another young man stabs the woman/demon and she disintegrates. A demon holds a knife to a werewolf's throat and the werewolf bites the demon (we hear a crunch and the demon yells). A demon grabs a young man's head and twists (we hear a crunch, but neither the head nor the neck break). A young man with a sword slashes a demon dressed as a police officer and then stabs another demon dressed as a police officer through the back (the wound glows with a blue light). A vampire grabs a young woman's leg as she climbs a ladder toward a roof; two young men on the roof pull on the young woman trying to free her until the vampire's hand is sizzled (we see the flesh bubbling) by the sun. A man is shown strapped into a chair while another man questions him and punches him in the face repeatedly (we see the man in the chair later with a blood cut on his forehead); the attacker asks if the man would like to "smell my derriere," and thrusts against his leg like a dog might do. A man hits a young man and slams a young woman's head into a table a couple of times; the man and the young man fight with spears and the young man is thrown toward a portal. A man slams a young man's head into a piano (we see blood on the keys and on the young man's head) and then presses him toward the blade of a sword. Four men fight with punches and throwing each other and swinging swords at each other (no obvious wounds are shown). A young woman holds a knife to a man's throat and she threatens him. A young man grabs a young woman by the throat and threatens her. A young woman hits a young man in the back of the head with a fire extinguisher a few times and he yells (he does not appear to be harmed). We see a creature that looks like a very tall man with deeply sunken eyes and his lips roughly stitched closed; he "speaks" to a young woman without moving his lips and shows her into a series of dark passages in a cemetery. A young woman is surrounded by creatures with deeply sunken eyes and their mouths are roughly stitched closed; they appear to be performing a ceremony that causes lights to flash and the young woman is shown an episode from her youth and she faints. A man is shoved into a portal and he reaches out to try to grab a young woman; the young woman touches the portal fluid with a device that freezes the fluid and it explodes. A young woman transports herself through a portal and sees a young girl in a dark street that begins to transform into a demon before being attacked by a werewolf (we hear the attack taking place but do not see anything). A young woman uses a flamethrower to destroy large birds that presumably turn into demons. A young woman forces her way into a woman's apartment and demands information. A young woman runs into a bicyclist and knocks him off his bike (no injuries shown), she then runs into a street where she is nearly struck by a taxi and bounces off a car. A young woman is shown with a slash and a puncture wound on her arm and we hear that it is a "demon bite"; a young man heals the wound with a rune and we see her recovering later. A man cuts his hand and blood drips into a goblet; the man tries to force a young woman to drink the blood. A man injects himself with blood and we see him thrashing and writhing. A woman drinks an elixir from a jeweled bottle and falls unconscious. We see a painting of an angel with a cut on her wrist and blood pours into a goblet. A young man is shown hanging from clock cables and he is unconscious; others free him and he appears OK. A young man lies motionless on the floor and we see a wound on the back of his neck; it is implied that he is dying. Many demons press on a door where several shadow hunters are hiding; the demons break through the door and are stopped in their tracks allowing the shadow hunters to escape. Several shadow hunters break into a vampire lair and we see something moving on the ceiling. We see a huge chest filled with weapons withdrawn from under the altar in a church. We see a picture of a skeleton holding a scythe. A young woman is alarmed when she wakes up and finds her room covered with drawings of a strange symbol. A man drives several spears and swords into a floor in the shape of a pentagram and a column of flames shoot into the sky and many creatures fly through the sky; several crash into windows as they land and transform into demons (they have blackened outer coverings and glowing embers underneath). Shards of metal move across a floor in a clump. A young man hypnotizes a man and he and several other people walk past him unnoticed. We see a storage area for dead shadow hunters with skulls at each access point and a young man calls it the "City of Bones." A young man shushes a young woman and tells her "You'll wake the dead." A young man says, "She's going to get us all killed." A young man talks about a "portal" being dangerous and that "you could get stuck in limbo." A young man talks about his father breaking the neck of the young man's pet falcon when he was a boy. We hear that a young man was taken "by the vampires." A young woman talks about a young man having watched his father murdered in front of his eye when he was a young boy. People talk about shadow hunters keeping the world safe from demons. A man puts drops of blue liquid into a young man's drink and the young man gasps and gags after drinking it.
profanity 4/10 3 uses of "shit", 5 mild obscenities, and 2 religious exclamations (Jesus and Oh My God). Name-calling (mundane, human, she's a witch, brat, Goth wannabe, and normal girl.)
alcohol 4/10 A woman drinks an elixir from a jeweled bottle and falls unconscious. A man puts drops of blue liquid into a young man's drink and the young man gasps and gags after drinking it. A man injects himself with blood and we see him thrashing and writhing. A young man tells a young woman that "they pump hallucinogenics into the air." An early scene in the Pandemonium nightclub; a boy asks a girl if she wants a drink, she agrees.
frightening 7/10 Expect a lot of violent confrontations in the film, mostly using special blades and swords, including scenes of torture and even death. Clary calls her mother to tell her she wants to go home but her mother says she cannot. Clary gets really worried and runs home and when she gets home she sees the house in such a mess. Later we see a dog and he turns into some kind of a monster and attacks Clary. The Silent Brothers can be somewhat scary to young kids. There are a LOT of monsters and demons in the film. Total: 26/50

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