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Takes after a world class hit man as he shows his exchange to a disciple who has an association with one of his past casualties.

Jan 13,2011

Hollywood Movies | Action | Crime | Thriller

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Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is a "technician" - a first class professional killer with a strict code and remarkable ability for neatly disposing of targets. It's a vocation that requires proficient flawlessness and aggregate separation, and Bishop is the best in the business. Be that as it may, when his tutor and dear companion Harry (Donald Sutherland) is killed, Bishop is definitely not disengaged. His next task is deliberate - he needs those capable dead. His central goal develops entangled when Harry's child Steve (Ben Foster) approaches him with the same vindictive objective and an assurance to take in Bishop's exchange. Minister has dependably acted alone however he can't play Judas on Harry's child. A deliberate hit man takes a rash understudy profound into his reality and a dangerous association is conceived. Be that as it may, while in quest for their definitive check, misleadings undermine to surface and those contracted to settle issues get to be issues themselves.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man and a woman have sex in bed. The woman is seen on top, and a quick side-profile shot of her breasts is shown. A brief scene is shown on a man's laptop computer of two topless women kissing. One woman kisses the other woman's breast.
violence There are several gunfights in this movie. Several people graphically get shot in the head. A man is drowned in his pool. This scene is prolonged as the hitman struggles with his target. A man in a wheelchair is shot through the heart at point blank range. A carjacker is severely beaten. He is punched and kicked in the face several times. A man is strangeld to death with a belt. It is then made to look like he died from sexual self-asphyxiation when the hitman places a computer in front of him with pornography on it. A hitman gets into a struggle with his target. The target gets stabbed in the stomach multiple times with a screwdriver and when he falls on the ground, the hitman finishes him off with a fireplace tool. Very bloody scene. One hitman holds his target's nose shut while another hitman shoves a tube down the target's throat. The man chokes to death. In a struggle between a hitman and his target, the target is stabbed in the face with a pin from a fire extinguisher then thrown out the window of a bus into oncoming traffic. You see the man's head get smashed by an oncoming car. A target's car is rammed by two hitmen and flipped upside down. The two hitmen approach the wreck and each unloads their clip from their assault rifle into the target. The camera is focused on the hitmen shooting and the dead body is not shown.
profanity 16 F-words, less than other Jason Statham movies. Other ones (sh*t, b*tch, a**hole, p*ss etc.) used intermittently.
alcohol Lots of alcohol during scenes in the club. Some drug use, especially in the beginning. Some Smoking throughout.
frightening Several intense fighting scenes, sometimes brutal. 17+

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