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A cutting edge witch utilizes spells and enchantment to motivate men to go gaga for her, in a tribute to 1960s mash books and Technicolor melodramas.

Nov 11,2016

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Horror

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Elaine, a wonderful youthful witch, is resolved to discover a man to love her. In her gothic Victorian flat she makes spells and elixirs, and after that grabs men and lures them. However her spells work too well, and she winds up with a series of hapless casualties. When she at long last meets the man she had always wanted, her franticness to be adored will drive her to the verge of madness and murder. With a visual style that pays tribute to Technicolor thrillers of the 1970s, THE LOVE WITCH investigates female dream and the repercussions of neurotic narcissism.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Simulated sexual activity is featured, but is not excessive. The film features 2 scenes where the protagonist dances suggestively in front of a man, undressing slowly down to underwear, thighs and garter and butt cheeks seen, breasts mostly obscured by hair but some nipple shown. Man carries woman to bed to "make love". They kiss and writhe in bed, man is seen from back during sex, bare buttocks, woman's legs spread to accommodate him - no thrusting but fairly intimate. She moans Man tells woman he wants to "make love" and kisses her passionately Woman in lingerie rubs her hands on her body and moans -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full body nudity is featured on several occasions, but is mostly not excessive. non-sexual and genitals are obscured by hair or other items. The film also contains frequent scenes of nudity typically seen in scenes where occult rituals are performed with a pair of fully nude male and female witches visible in the background. Penis, breasts and female/male pubic hair clearly visible. Not sexual - they are just naked. We see this scene several times. There is also a scene featuring full body nudity where the witches can be seen holding hands and walking around in a circle as part of a ritual. Breasts, pubic hair, buttocks and penises are seen (non-sexual). In addition, the film features shots of paintings of naked women, including a painting of a naked woman with another man positioned beside her while another man is positioned near her genitalia. Several fantasy paintings show bare breasts and pubic hair Women discuss how they use sex to enable men, fulfill their needs or get them to do things Voodoo dolls have breasts and pubic hair drawn on them Men enter a burlesque club, costumed but clothed women dance on stage. 1 women strips down to a skimpy costume and shakes her breasts and butt - pasties cover her nipples Man kisses a clothed woman on the crotch, chest and cheek Several references to love/sex magic Clothed Occult leader climbs on top of restrained nude (but covered) woman during ritual. Man presses face into nude woman's chest (no nudity) Man kisses body of nude woman during ritual (genitals obscured) Man grabs a clothed woman's breast (uninvited) Man and woman strip to underwear (non sexual) Woman in bra and panties gets dressed
violence Violence is "simple" and not realistic. Similar to how it is portrayed in older films (60's-70's) Person commits suicide. Blood is pooled near body, bloody weapon nearby. Corpse is pale with some blood on wound but otherwise non graphic Character stabbed with knife several times. blood on clothes and trickling from mouth. Small wound where knife entered. Attacker holds bloody knife in bloody hand. Poisoned man falls to floor dead Woman urinates into a jar Bloody tampon Corpse is shown in bed (non-graphic, basically a person asleep) Painting of man getting his heart ripped out, blood on shirt A mob strips a woman to her underwear, men walk towards her undoing their belts, one man climbs on top of her before she is rescued. Bar fight, man gets a black eye
profanity Not a ton of profanity. Woman calls a man a "pussy" (meaning weak) woman called bitch, crazy, stupid, skank, whore
alcohol casual smoking and frequent casual drinking. A character drinks something made from "hallucinogenic herbs" and hallucinates.
frightening Character is seen with a skull for a head, would only frighten young children 'The Love Witch' is a horror comedy about a beautiful witch named Elaine who uses spells, potions and magic to seduce and make men fall helplessly in love with her. Official MPAA Rating: Unrated Recommended MPAA Rating: Rated R for sexual content including a scene of strong sexuality, graphic nudity, some bloody violence and language

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