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The first American hero.
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Length: 112 Minute(s)
As the English and French soldiers battle for control of the North American colonies in the 18th century, the settlers and native Americans are forced to take sides. Cora and her sister Alice unwittingly walk into trouble but are saved by Hawkeye, an orphaned settler adopted by the last of the Mohicans.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A scene of some very passionate kissing and embracing. Cora wears a dress that reveals some cleavage.
violence There is an ambush attack at the beginning of the film where several soldiers are shot which you see a bloodt exit wound and blood but the blood forms in a powder so it lingers in the air whenever someone is shot.Several men (both Indians and soldiers) are killed with tomahawks (some accompanying blood,as many people are slashed and then blood dripples and pours from the wounds. People are hacked with axes and hatchets and blood shoots from the entry wound.) In one quick second-long shot, a man is scalped by an Indian (with no gore, but his skull is seen for a split-second.) A woman's body is seen with blood on it. We see the burnt legs of a body that presumably belongs to a child. Indians attack a caravan of both women and men. Several people are killed with guns and tomahawks, but there is blood. One man has his heart cut out by the villain, but the camera view is from behind the villain's shoulder, so his back obscures the actual act. You then briefly see the villain holding the man's heart in his hand (with some blood.) A man sacrifices himself for the woman he loves. He is burnt alive by Indians, and another character shoots him to put him out of his agony. A bloody wound is seen in his head and blood leaks. In the final battle, several Indians are shot with spray of blood. Another character is stabbed in the back with some blood, and then slit in the throat. The cutting is not seen as the assailant's arm is obscuring it, but sounds are heard and blood sprays on the assailant's face. Another character commits suicide by jumping off a cliff. A villain is beaten and impaled at the film's end.
profanity Five uses of "d--n", one of "h---", and two uses of "bloody".
alcohol Someone is shown smoking a pipe. Alcohol is referenced but is not shown.
frightening Intense or disturbing scenes include the scalping, the heart removal, the burning-at-the-stake, and the throat slitting. The movie feels like a PG-13 because the violence is historically accurate

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