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Kill or be replaced.

Feb 06,1998

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Action | Crime | Thriller

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman strips down to her underwear (she is getting changed) and wears revealing clothes throughout the movie.
violence Please note that this refers to the extended cut, as it is more likely to contain the most amount of violence. There are frequent shootouts throughout the film, many men are shot multiple times with bloody bullet wounds on their bodys, a bhuddist priest is seen in a small pool of blood dying he has blood all over his face, a man cartarises a wound, blood is shown. An innocent woman is shot many times with blood spraying, Two policemen are also shot many times, we see some blood. A man is strangled. A man is punched in the stomach. A man is kicked in the stomach. A woman has her knee brutally stamped on by a man, later we see her putting the bone back in place.
profanity Occasional strong language throughout.
alcohol A woman holds a cigarette.
frightening The shootouts are intense. a 7 year old boy almost killed but john saves him a the last moment 12+

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