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A youthful, forlorn lady is devoured by her most profound and darkest cravings after catastrophe strikes her peaceful nation life.

Dec 02,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Horror

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In their detached farmhouse, a mother, in the past a specialist in Portugal, shows her little girl, Francisca, to comprehend life structures and be determined by death. One evening, a secretive guest smashs the idyll of Francisca's family life, profoundly damaging the young lady, additionally arousing exceptional interests. Despite the fact that she sticks to her undeniably hesitant father, Francisca's dejection and scarred nature merge years after the fact when her yearning to interface with her general surroundings goes up against a dull shape.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The film contains one very brief scene of female nudity, where a woman takes off her underwear and stands naked in front of a man.
violence The film portrays the protagonist's psychotic tendencies and depicts the injuries she inflicts on her victims: she removes their eyeballs, severs their vocal chords and holds them captive in a secluded barn. However, the violence involved in these acts is implied, and only the aftermath of the injuries is depicted. In a stronger scene, the camera lingers on a close-up shot of her female victim's face, where surgical stitches along the victim's eyes and throat can be seen, as blood oozes out from the fresh wounds. In another scene, a gaping hole in a man's back is shown, implying that he was tortured in some way.
frightening Plot is on previous page - doesn't belong here, and IMDB includes the official ratings below as they also don't belong here.

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