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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008)

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Lines may divide us, but hope will unite us.

May 07,2008

Hollywood Movies | Drama | War

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Length: 94 Minute(s)
When his family moves from their home in Berlin to a strange new house in Poland, young Bruno befriends Shmuel, a boy who lives on the other side of the fence where everyone seems to be wearing striped pajamas. Unaware of Shmuel's fate as a Jewish prisoner or the role his own Nazi father plays in his imprisonment, Bruno embarks on a dangerous journey inside the camp's walls.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity We see very brief glimpses of bare buttocks in a gas chamber. The context, however, is not sexual.
violence Violence and Gore : 5/10 A group of men, including 2 young boys, are forced into a gas chamber and killed. We do not see their deaths on screen or their bodies. We see a group of men forced to walk over another man. We hear a shot and it's implied the man is killed. A man is dragged into a room and beaten. We do not see this on screen. It is implied that he dies. A young boy is beaten. It is not shown, but we see his bruised and blackened eye. A young boy falls off a swing. We see his bloody knee.
alcohol A man smokes several times throughout the film. People drink wine with their dinner.
frightening Frightening/Intense Scenes : 8/10 This film has sort of a dark tone to it at some points. The film is about the Holocaust and can upset viewers. We see a group of men and 2 young boys marched to their death in gas chambers. During the gas chamber scene, we hear banging on the door from the inside assuming that it's the men inside as they die. A child goes missing and we watch as his family searches for him. Eventually it's clear what is going to happen and can be very emotional for most viewers. We see black smoke coming from chimneys and it's revealed that bodies are being burned. The ending of this movie is extremely upsetting. It will make you upset for a while after you are done watching this movie. When a man in a gas mask pours powder into the gas chamber, it could be frightening for some. Overall:22/50

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