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Never leave things undone.

Jun 16,2017

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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A boy named Henry has a crush on Christina, the daughter of an abusive Police Commissioner. To keep her safe Henry comes up with a rescue plan. Henry's mother, Susan, decides to help him carry out this plan.

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profanity The word "fuck" is featured, but used infrequently. There are some use of swear words in the film, including an utterance of the expletive "fuck". There is also a scene where a woman points her middle finger at her children, with the camera dwelling on it in a focused shot. Such depictions and usage of coarse language would make the film more appropriate for a teen audience.
frightening 'The Book of Henry' is a drama about a precocious child genius, Henry, and his younger brother, Peter, who are being raised by their single mother, Susan. When Henry discovers that his neighbor, Christina, whom he is infatuated with, may be abused by her stepfather, he comes up with a detailed plan to save her and writes it in his notebook. One day, Susan discovers the book and decides to put his plan into action. Official MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for thematic elements and brief strong language

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