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Some will kill to have it. He will kill to protect it.

Jan 14,2010

Hollywood Movies | Action | Thriller

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Length: 118 Minute(s)
A post-apocalyptic tale, in which a lone man fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A female traveler is attacked by a group of men after they've killed her male companion. The men rip at her clothes while she screams. It is implied that she is raped and left by the men. This scene is initially shown from an elevated position a good distance away from the attack. Once the encounter ends and the men are searching the travelers' belongings, the woman is shown topless on the ground. A woman is assaulted by two men and dragged into a concrete pipe section. The men tear at her clothes implying they intend to rape her. One of the men begins to unbuckle his pants but is stopped. No nudity is seen. The woman is rescued before the men are able to rape her. Although rape is implied and intended, it's not obvious what is occurring, and children wouldn't know what was occurring. There are multiple references to prostitution. One character offers her services as a prostitute "on the house," as a sexual favor. One character demands to be compensated by being given a female, presumably as a slave.
violence 8/10 The movie begins panning across a dead body. It is not bloody or gory, but it is presumed that a cat begins to consume the body. The cat is killed by an arrow and gory sounds are heard as the arrow is removed. A dead rotting corpse is seen hanging from a noose from an apparent suicide. The cat killed earlier is cooked over an open flame and the main character is seen cutting pieces from the cat and consuming them as well as feeding it to a rat. A criminal's hand is cut off and blood spurts from the wound. A fight scene ensues where there are several stabbings and limbs cut off. It is filmed in such a manner that the violence is all seen in silhouette. A character is stabbed in the gut slowly and deeply, no gore is seen, but the sounds are very gory. A man is knocked to the ground and then shot, the scene is viewed from a distance. A woman is attacked and presumably raped, but the act is not seen. A man's face is slammed against a bar and we see blood coming from his nose and mouth. Another fight scene ensues in which there are several bloody slashings and stabbings, limbs cut off, and a decapitation. A woman is assualted to extract information from her daughter, the scene is not bloody. A man is shot in the head and blood splatters behind him. There is a gunfight between the main character and several other characters. Many characters are shot in the head with bloody results. There are also shootings to the body and extremeties with gory and bloody results. Two men attack a woman tearing at her clothes and punching her. As they are about to rape her, one man is shot through the crotch with an arrow. The other man is shot through the throat with bloody results. There is another gunfight scene where several different types of weapons are used. A bomb explodes and body parts are seen landing on the ground. The blast from a grenade throws a man against a truck. An RPG is fired in to a house killing an old woman with bloody aftermath. Several bad guys are shot with automatic weapon fire yielding bloody results. An old man is shot with a large caliber automatic weapon with bloody results. The main character is shot in the stomach, blood is seen coming from the wound at the time of the shot. A character is choked from behind while driving, the crash kills him and his dead body is thrown to the ground by another character. The crash also causes a large knife sitting on the dash of the truck to impale another character through the chest. He pulls the knife from his chest and we see and hear the results. The Total Body Count is about 43
profanity 6/10 Around 10 F*ck 7 uses of shit, 2 uses of SOB, 2 uses of bastard, 1 use of pussy, 1 use of hell, 1 use of god damn it, and 1 use of damn it (whispered).
alcohol 3/10 Some mild smoking and drinking of alcohol
frightening 7/10 Some people could see the fighting scenes as intense, it contains some moderate threat, most notably where an adult female character is briefly threatened with rape by two men who are in fact killed before they can assault her The fight scenes are definitely intense and pretty violent, but they're relatively brief. The film itself largely focuses on the savage interaction between human beings in a post-apocalyptic society which can serve as a deeply disturbing premise to some. One scene where an old couple are revealed to be cannibals may disturb some. Total Explicit Rating: 34/50 Rated R for: Adult Content, Adult Language, Rape, Violence.(HBO advisory)

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