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Never let her out of your sight. Never let your guard down. Never fall in love.
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Length: 129 Minute(s)
A former Secret Service agent grudgingly takes an assignment to protect a pop idol who's threatened by a crazed fan. At first, the safety-obsessed bodyguard and the self-indulgent diva totally clash. But before long, all that tension sparks fireworks of another sort, and the love-averse tough guy is torn between duty and romance.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity We see a man and a woman lying in bed, presumably after sexual activity. No nudity. A man forces himself onto a woman trying to kiss her, but is interrupted. It is stated that an intruder broke into a woman's house and masturbated on her bed.
violence A man is roughed up after unsuccessful attacks on another man. Minimal blood on the former's face. A man attacks another man aggressively. Blood is shown on the latter's face, mainly his nose. A brief scene from a black-and-white movie depics fighting with Samauri swords, where a man cuts off another man's arm offscreen. A quick close-up of the severed arm on the ground. A man chases a boy in a boat knocking him in the water he almost drowns, his mother is furious but is horrified to learn that the boat was rigged to catch fire. A man is shot around the upper arm and possibly body. Some blood. A woman is shot dead in the chest, with a brief bullet wound. A man is shot in the shoulder and then head. Some blood on his shirt briefly.
profanity Several uses of 'f*ck' and 'sh*t', 2 of 'a**hole', and 1 of 'b-tching' and 'SOB'
alcohol Some smoking and drinking.
frightening A fleeting, but nasty arm-removal in a black-and-white movie. A few violent blows, with one involving a brief eye injury.

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