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Altered State Police

Jan 18,2001

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Crime | Mystery

Ratings: 6.7 / 10 from

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Length: 100 Minute(s)
Four bored, occasionally high and always ineffective Vermont state troopers must prove their worth to the governor or lose their jobs. After stumbling on a drug ring, they plan to make a bust, but a rival police force is out to steal the glory.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Full frontal male nudity is shown for a few seconds. Topless women are shown throughout one scene. The Johnny Chimpo logo is a Chimpanzee masturbating (very brief and no nudity) A man's butt is seen on the shooting range. Rabbit pretends to sodomize a bear (its a costume) in front of a crowd. Some crude humor
violence Farva gets into a schoolyard-style tussle with a fast food employee Two groups of policemen get into a fight more comic than violent A group of drunken cops beat up and arrest a group of drug traffickers. Many punches shown, but obviously fake.
profanity 31 f words, 4 uses of d*ck. and 11 uses of sh*t.
alcohol 3 Teenagers are getting pulled over by the cops, and one of them eats two bags of pot and a bag of shrooms ...That same boy is shown tripping on the shrooms when the cops show up Non-stop drug references, jokes, and use of them Two cops discover a truckload of Marijuana, and are later shown smoking some of it. Farva continues to drink beer at a bar untill he pukes All 5 Patrolmen and their Captain all get drunk and act disorderly in public. Later in the movie the same 3 kids order a keg of beer, and Thorn and Foster arrest 2 of them. ...The other boy who was tripping on the shrooms yells that he loves Acid. (obviously implying hes tripping)
frightening The dead woman may upset some people. There is also conflict between the Highway Patrol and the State Police, but it's all comical.

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