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Stick Man lives in the family tree with his Stick Lady Love and their stick kids three, and he#39;s heading on an epic enterprise over the seasons. Will he return to his family in time for Christmas?

Oct 05,2016

Hollywood Movies | Family | Animation

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Length: 27 Minute(s)
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Stick Man, an enlivened twig, lives with his Stick Lady Love and their youngsters in the family tree. Out one day for a run he meets a young man who tosses him for his puppy to bring, a few youngsters who play Pooh-stays with him and a swan who utilizes him to fabricate a home before being washed out to ocean and onto a shoreline a long way from home. After a few other embarrassing experiences during the time he has a startling friend in need as Santa Claus who helps him to return home for Christmas with his family.

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