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Captain Picard and his crew pursue the Borg back in time to stop them from preventing Earth#39;s first contact with an alien species. They also make sure that Zefram Cochrane makes his famous maiden flight at warp speed.

Nov 22,1996

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Action

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The time is the 24th century and the ship is the newly-commissioned Enterprise-E. Its captain, Jean-Luc Picard, has been ordered not to interfere in a battle between a Borg Cube and ships from the Federation. However, seeing the Federation is about to lose, Picard ignore his orders and takes command of the defending fleet. With his knowledge of the Cube's weak spot, they destroy it. However, a small part of it escapes and plots a course directly for Earth. The Enterprise chases it and enters a time distortion created by the Borg. They end up in the mid-21st century, and their only chance of stopping the Borg from assimilating Earth is to help Zefram Cochrane make his famous first faster-than-light travel to the stars.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity An android and Borg discuss the android's sexual past. They then kiss. A man mentions how he would like to retire to an island with naked women.
violence A needle is shown moving towards a man's eye. It touches and bends the "outer layer" of the eye but does not puncture it. (Stylized visual effect, happens in a vision/dream.) While a man looks in the mirror, a metal spike shoots out of his cheek. No blood or gore. (Happens in a vision/dream.) A Borg grabs a man by the back of his head and uses two tubes to inject him in the neck. We then see the man starting to transform into a Borg. Other humans are shown in this state of transformation throughout the movie. Various Borg are shot with phaser rifles. We see two drill bits drill into the temple of an androids head in close-up, the skin is drilled into. The Borg queen is first shown as a disembodied head with a mechanical spine lowered onto a mechanical body. We see Borg with various mechanical parts attached to them, including machines attached to their face, whole limbs being replaced with mechanical ones, even a mechanical eyeball. Human skin is being grafted to an android's body. Later the skin is shown cut and bleeding. The Borg shoot a hologram's head with lasers. The hologram's head flashes on and off. A couple of Borg are shot by the protagonist with bullets. He then digs around in their chest looking for a circuit card. It is stated that these Borg drones he killed used to be members of his crew. A mechanical arm is cut off, no blood or gore. Then a blade is shown cutting into a Borg's neck, blood is shown. A Borg is shown having its organic parts evaporate.
profanity Some uses of "Hell", "Damn", "Bitch", and derivitives of "Shit", "Sweet Jesus"
alcohol A man and woman are shown drunk and still drinking. Zeph Cochrane, a positive character and even emblematic hero (the inventor of interstellar travel) is apparently an alcoholic. A man is shown drinking from a flask.
frightening There are several "jump moments". The Borg's frightening appearance may scare small children.

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