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Love Hurts...

Dec 31,2014

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Horror | Short

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Length: 18 Minute(s)

An analysis of the dynamic in a relationship and one man's extreme physical reaction to loss.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 1/10 There is no sex or nudity, although a man is glimpsed in his underwear.
violence 7/10 - A man vomits into a sink, before dropping loose hair into the sink on top of vomit. - A man bursts a large pustule on his chest. Pus sprays on mirror. - A man squeezes a swollen fingertip. Pus squirts across the room. - A man peels off his fingernail. - A man vomits blood into a sink. His body is covered in sores and lesions. - The skin on a man's forearm tears and peels back revealing the musculature beneath. - A man shuffles around a house as his body rots away.
profanity 3/10 Several instances of "fuck".
alcohol 0/10 None
frightening The film revolves around a man whose body is literally eaten away by guilt in the aftermath of a relationship break-up. There are several scenes that may unsettle or disgust some viewers.

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