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Five interlocking stories of dread take after the destinies of a gathering of fatigued voyagers who stand up to their most exceedingly terrible bad dreams - and darkest insider facts - more than one difficult night on a forsaken stretch of desert thruway.

Feb 05,2016

Hollywood Movies | Fantasy | Thriller | Horror

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On a forsaken stretch of desert expressway, tired voyagers - two men on the keep running from their previous, a band on their way to the following gig, a man attempting to return home, a sibling looking for his departed sister and a family in the midst of a furlough - are compelled to stand up to their most exceedingly bad fears and darkest privileged insights in a progression of interlaced stories of dread and regret on the open street.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 2/10 A woman is standing in doorway at a hotel in her underwear. The camera starts at her crotch but quickly scans away. Women talk about a couple having "gross sex." They continue to talk about sex. This conversation lasts for less than a minute. *No Sex or sexual nudity*
violence 9/10 Gory violence. Several stories, each involving graphic violence. One story involves a dying mangled woman. Her dying is long, drawn out, and bloody. It may seem never ending as this carries on for about 10 minutes.
profanity 9/10 Lots of profanity, including the of the "f" word, throughout the movie.
frightening Official MPAA Rating: R for bloody horror violence, language throughout and brief drug use. There are several scenes that are frightening and intended to shock the viewer. Some occurrences are unexpected which can make some scenes particularly intense.

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