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A young Scottish man travels across America in pursuit of the woman he loves, attracting the attention of an outlaw who is willing to serve as a guide .

Apr 16,2015

Hollywood Movies | Action | Thriller | Western

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'Slow West' follows a 16-year-old boy on a journey across 19th Century frontier America in search of the woman he loves, while accompanied by mysterious traveler Silas .

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 2/10 You see the bottom of a man briefly twice. Both times this is played for laughs. A man asks a teenaged boy about "bedding" a girl. We see a man urinating while scratching his bottom with a pistol. No nudity is shown as it is shot from behind. A man tells another man to f**k himself, the man responds by saying he's tried. We hear a teenaged boy urinating, the shot is from the chest up so nothing is seen. A man kisses a young woman on her cheek. In Deleted Scene: a teenaged-boy is in a vulnerable situation due to only wearing his long-john style underwear, having no weapon, & walking into a darkened, small hut where 3 older men are. The man closest to him, armed with a knife, approaches the boy from behind. Overtaking him, he grumbles & cuts a rough hole in the seat of the boy's long-johns.The viewer is lead to believe that the assailant is readying to sexually assault the boy. However, no clothes are removed; no sexual act occurs, due to a sudden interruption not seen on camera.
violence 7/10 Several wrapped dead bodies being prepared for burial are shown. There is no blood and we do not see the bodies in full detail. A man with blood on his face and torso is seen. A burnt-out Indian village is shown. 2 men are shot off screen, the shots are heard and the bodies are later seen with a small amount of blood. A man is shot in the head, the shot & his head jerking back are seen. He is later seen on the ground with a small amount of blood on his forehead. The entry wound is not shown. A young teenaged girl pretends to shoot a young teenaged boy with an invisible bow and arrow and the boy reacts as if shot. A teenaged boy finds a bloody bullet hole in a suit he is trying on. A man threatens a shopkeeper with a gun and demands money. When the shopkeeper doesn't give him any money, he hits him across the face with his gun. The shopkeeper then brings out a gun & shoots the man dead. The man's wife then shoots the shopkeeper. Both bodies are briefly shown with pools of blood around them. The woman then threatens another man with a gun and demands money. A teenaged boy then shoots the woman in the back and she drops to the floor. We see her dead on the floor, no blood. It is then discovered that the couple's 2 young children were waiting outside the shop. A teenaged girl pretends to shoot a teenaged boy with her finger. A man slaps a teenaged girl and then her father pushes the man back. The man falls over and hits his head on a rock, killing himself. The actual hitting of his head is off screen but an audible crack is heard & he is then shown lying dead with blood on the rock next to him. A man steals a teenaged boy's horse, provisions & clothing. A boy asks a man if he killed another man. The man says no. A skeleton is seen crushed under a log. It is implied the man died by cutting the tree down on himself. While drunk, a teenaged boy tries to clean the barrel of his gun after having dropped it & hits it against a tree, causing it to fire. No one is hurt. A man threatens another man with a gun. The other man backs away. A man states that he's killed over 30 men & then some. A man shoots a bear off screen; the shot is heard & eventually the bear is briefly seen with some blood next to it. Another man shoots the man that shot the bear. Two dead rabbits are seen. A teenaged girl threatens a man with a gun, her father takes it from her. A teenaged boy has had an arrow shot through his hand, the arrow is seen with some blood around the wound. A man breaks the arrow in half and removes the shaft from the teenaged boy's hand as the boy screams. The entry wound is shown with some blood. The bandaged hand is later seen with some blood. Two men are thrown off horses. One of them hits a tree with an audible crack. A man ties a teenaged boy to a tree. A man shoots another man. There is a brief shot of his arm covered in blood and then he slumps to the ground, dead. His body is shown later with some blood next to his head. A man is shot in the chest. We see the impact with a blood splatter. He is then shot in the leg; blood splatters. He is shown several times afterwards with blood around the impacts. A man shoots another man in the back. A man has put someone's blood on his forehead (like war paint). Several people repeatedly shoot at a house with 2 people in it. They don't hit either of them. A teenaged girl shoots man in the head; the bloody head is shown as he leans through a paper window. A man is shot in the head; as he slides down a wall, a trail of blood is left smeared on the wall. A man opens a door & is shot by another man. The shooting is off camera. A teenaged girl shoots a teenaged boy in the chest. There is a bloody impact wound; he starts to drool blood. A pool of blood is seen on the floor behind him. A jar of salt breaks, spreading salt over his chest wound. The teenaged boy eventually dies.. A man uses a fire arrow to set fire to a corn field driving out the people in it. A teenaged girl then shoots the people as they try to escape from the fire. A collapsed mans legs are shown; it's implied that he is dead. He is later shown to be dead. A man is about to kill a teenaged girl; however she places a loaded gun in a teenaged boy's hand, & the teenaged boy kills the man just before he can shoot the girl. A man's slightly charred body is shown: he looks more ash-covered than blackened. Not very graphic. A woman's body is shown with a gunshot wound in the chest and a small amount of blood. A dead man is shown with a gunshot wound in the chest and a small amount of blood around it. At the end of the film, every person killed in the movie is briefly shown again, w/varying degrees of blood; some have bullet wounds shown.
profanity 5/10 1 F**k. 2 Son of a B***h. 3 B*****d. 3 S**t and 1 muffled. 1 Damn. 2 God Damn. 1 Bulls**t. 1 God Sake. 1 use of redskin as a derogatory term for American indian. 1 use of peasants as a derogatory term.
alcohol 4/10 Cigars are smoked by several people. A boy considers eating some mushrooms, however doesnt after a man tells him that if he eats enough of them he could fly to his destination. A man and a boy drink absinthe and both get drunk. A drunk man walks out of a saloon holding a bottle of whiskey.
frightening 4/10 The standoff in the shop is quite intense and the discovery of the dead couples children outside may distress some. The shootout at the end is intense and the boy getting shot may distress some. Although the film is quite violent the violence is quite often played for laughs. Total 22/50

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