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Beyond your wildest dreams. Beyond your wildest fantasies.

Sep 22,1995

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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Length: 128 Minute(s)
A young drifter named Nomi arrives in Las Vegas to become a dancer and soon sets about clawing and pushing her way to become a top showgirl.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 10/10 Early in the movie, the lead actress (Elizabeth Berkley) is working at a Las Vegas strip club, so we several fully-nude women, though most of the dancers are topless and wearing very skimpy thongs. In one of these scenes, a fully-nude stripper is crawling erotically on all fours across the stage, away from the camera, exposing her shadowed vulva to the camera. In most other scenes, shadows, trimmed pubic hair, or careful camera work conceal the woman's genitalia when we see full frontal nudity. There are occasional brief flashes of labia in these scenes, but they're easy to miss. No male genitalia are shown in this movie, even where opportunity would allow it. There are several shirtless and nude men in this movie, but where nude, we see them only from the rear or with posing or concealment that hides their genitalia. Several scenes show male buttocks. A woman gives a fully-clothed man a lap dance, during which she strips completely nude. At the climax of the dance, she vigorously dry humps him. It is implied that he has an orgasm. The bulk of the movie centers around a series of topless Las Vegas stage shows, so we see many scenes of bare-breasted women, both on-stage and backstage. In some of these scenes, the women are wearing little more than a thong. These topless stage shows are all erotic in some way. We see dance partners remove each others tops, caress each other, thrust their pelvises suggestively, etc. A man and woman dance suggestively together, him caressing her body, she rubbing that body against his. They begin to kiss erotically, and he pulls her top down, exposing her bared breasts with erect nipples. When he puts his hand down her pants, she warns him off, claiming her period. He doubts it, so she invites him to check. He pushes his hand deeper, then withdraws his hand and rubs his fingers together ruefully, realizing that she wasn't lying. Two women are paid a lot of money for a public dance and photo session. While signing autographs, the man who set the engagement up tries to set up a "party" with the women and an important client of the man. Though never explicitly stated, there is a clear sense that the high engagement fee was actually enticement to prostitution. After one of the women declines to join this "party," she complains to the set-up man's boss, and the boss publicly berates the man for this underhanded action and threatens to fire him. After the victimized woman walks away satisfied, the boss calls his man back and they brush the tension of the scene off, clearly showing that it was staged just to mollify the victim. A woman stands up from bed, shown completely nude from the rear. It is implied that she was having sex with a man shortly before this, who is seen wearing only a towel wrapped around his hips. A man and a woman strip nude and walk out to an outdoor swimming pool. We see the woman fully nude from the front and rear, and the man from the rear only. After a brief bit of skinny-dipping, the woman gives implied oral sex to the man underwater, then they copulate vigorously, then appear to achieve mutual orgasm. Water and the camera frame hide their bodies below the waist, but we see both of their bared torsos quite clearly. The next scene is set the morning after in the man's bedroom, implying that they had sex again that night. We see the couple nude, the man still in bed, the woman sitting on the edge of the bed getting dressed. We see the woman nude from the rear as she dresses, displaying bared breasts, back and buttocks, but no nipples or even a glimpse of genitalia. We see the man's bared torso from front and back, as well as his buttocks. The blankets cover the rest. Women kiss erotically in several scenes in this movie. Two of the female lead characters have a continuous back-and-forth sexual tension throughout the movie. A man bites a woman's erect nipples twice, then licks and sucks them in clear view of the camera.
violence 7/10 A switchblade is pulled three times during the film and brandished in a threatening way. A woman is dropped during a dance routine and lands in such a way that it breaks her knee. A woman is deliberately pushed down a flight of stairs and sustains multiple injuries requiring hospitalization. (Rape Scene): A woman meets a famous man that she greatly admires. We see them smiling and kissing, and then the man invites the woman up to his room for sex. She is clearly into him at this point, so she accepts, but when she gets up to the room she finds herself trapped in the room by two thugs who entered behind the couple. She asks her new acquaintance what is going on, and he replies that it's a "party." Her face falls as she realizes what he means, and she attempts to run away, but the thugs grab her while the famous man slaps her across the face, then punches her in the nose when she rebounds from the slap. Then they throw her down onto the bed and roughly pull her dress up and her panties down. We see her bared buttocks. One of the thugs is shirtless by this point. We hear but do not see him unzip his pants, and then he proceeds to rape the woman violently while the other two hold her down as she struggles and screams. As the woman is bleeding from her nose and crying, one of the two men holding her down licks her face crudely while the third man looks on in delight. We later see her stumble out of the hallway leading to the famous man's room, nose bleeding, eyes blackened, and blood and other material smeared down her inner thighs. She collapses, and is later seen unconscious in a hospital room. A woman repeatedly kicks a man in the face. We see blood on his nose and mouth. Out of camera frame, she apparently stomps on him and kicks him after he is on the floor. At the end of the scene, it is clear that she left the man unconscious, either drugged or beaten senseless.
profanity 8/10 30+ F-words, many scatological terms, and many milder obscenities.
alcohol 7/10 In several scenes, characters snort cocaine on-screen. A character talks about meeting her husband, a dentist, after she chipped a tooth on a Quaalude. In one scene, one character offers to take another home to "smoke some dope." The others in the room then begin to talk about the instigator's "Thai stuff" appreciatively. The various club and social scenes often show characters smoking or drinking alcohol.
frightening 6/10 The scene where a woman is raped, was very intense and disturbing. Overall, many scenes are intense involving nudity and sensuality. 38/50 - TV-MA-LSV - 16+

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