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May 26,2010

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Romance

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Length: 146 Minute(s)
Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda are all married now, but they're still up for a little fun in the sun. When Samantha gets the chance to visit one of the most extravagant vacation destinations on the planet and offers to bring them all along, they surmise that a women-only retreat may be the perfect excuse to eschew their responsibilities and remember what life was like before they decided to settle down.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 5/10 At the end of the film Samantha has sex with a man on a truck. She is screaming in pleasure and you see the man moving up and down. You see his bare butt, and hear various sexual sounds, but no other nudity is seen. An attractive Irish Nanny doesn't wear a bra and you can see her nipples under her shirt when she gets wet. You can see her breasts flop up and down when she runs and jumps around with the kids. Men are seen gazine at her cleavage when this happens. Samantha waves condoms at Muslim men because of her finding it annoying how they find sex and it's references in public as immoral To get a taxi Carrie sticks her bare leg out onto the road. Several men jump into a pool and start splashing each other with the water. There are close-ups of them in their speedos and you can see the bulge. The close-ups are more to be a point of view shot from Samantha. A fairly explicit sex scene is shown with a man and 2 women. There is a lot of double-entendre talk including a scene where a man asks a woman if she's open to something, to which she replies, "She's open..." (meaning sexual reference). In another scene she sees a handsome man and she says "Lawrence of my Labia" A man is shown thrusting on top of a woman having sex. Both of their bare butts are seen. There are also moans, and screams heard. A woman walks around with just her bra and her dress around her waist. Samantha pulls her panties down to her ankles while sitting at her desk at work, and she is seen spreading some kind of lubricant in her private area. Her bare butt is seen. Someone walks into the office while she's doing this. She is later seen pulling her pants back up. Samantha has sex in a hotel room with a man she meets at a wedding. They are moaning and thrusting so hard, the entire bed is shaking, and the bed post is banging against the wall.
violence None.
profanity Some F-words. Some "bastards", "bite me" and S-words. Samantha makes a joke about her female dog being a "bitch with an attitude".
alcohol The main characters drink cocktails. Samantha takes hormone tablets and later on smokes
frightening Some emotional scenes. Women who have children in the film might find the scene upsetting and feel the same when Miranda and Charlotte discuss the pitfalls of being mothers. The scenes where the girls get chased by some Muslim men might be quite intense for some, but it is pretty mild. Charlotte's 2-year-old daughter is seen crying pretty hard in most of the scenes she's in at the beginning of the movie. The child is literally shaking and out of breath at times, which can be disturbing to watch. Charlotte locks herself in a closet and cries when she is having an overwhelming day with her two kids. Rated R for: Adult Content, Adult Language, Brief Nudity(HBO advisory)

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