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He's facing the ultimate challenge. And fighting for his life.

Nov 21,1985

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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Length: 91 Minute(s)
Rocky must come out of retirement to battle a gargantuan Soviet fighter named Drago, who brutally punished Rocky's friend and former rival, Apollo Creed. Seeking revenge in the name of his fallen comrade and his country, Rocky agrees to fight Drago in Moscow on Christmas, and the bout changes both fighters -- and the world.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Note: The number at the beginning of each section refers to how explicit that aspect of the film is on a scale of 1-10. The fraction at the end of the Frightening/Intense Scenes category is the total sum of all the sections out of the highest sum possible (50) and therefore an approximation of how much explicit content of any kind is in the film. Rating: 4/10 During a rousing dance routine, several of the female dancers wear very revealing outfits. There is one very brief shot from behind where we see their almost completely-bare buttocks. Rocky gives Paulie a robot for his birthday which Paulie later turns into a sex toy. Clearly a Nexus - 6 Pleasure Model.
violence Rating: 5/10 In the first major boxing fight of the film, a powerful Soviet boxer, Ivan Drago, faces Apollo Creed. During the first round, Apollo hits Drago with a few punches, but he feels no pain. Then, Drago proceeds to land brutal devastating punches to Apollo, even after the bell. We see blood and cuts of Apollo's face at the end of the round. In the next round, like the end of the previous round, Drago relentlessly keeps hitting Creed with brutal punches and hits one final punch to Creed which not only knocks him out, but kills him. Creed then dies in Rocky's arms after the match. The bloodied face of Apollo is see quite a lot throughout the scene. In the climax of the film, and the most major boxing fight of the film, Rocky faces Ivan himself. Throughout the rounds we see clips of punches to the face, the two brutally beat each other and Rocky is seen having a few bruises on is face and Ivan has a cut on his. On the final round Rocky keeps hitting Ivan relentlessly and knocks him out.
profanity Rating: 2/10 Mild language but definitely nothing too offensive.
alcohol Rating: 3/10 Paulie smokes a few cigars. A close-up of brief steroid use.
frightening Rating: 5/10 Apollo Creed is knocked out and beaten to death during the 2nd round against Ivan Drago, and dies in Rocky's arms, this may be upsetting. The boxing matches are very brutal which maybe unsettling to a few. The film has a very loose theme about conflict between between the Americans and the Soviets because the film is set during the peaks of the Cold War and the crowds at both fights are very hostile and this may unsettle some. Total content:15/50

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