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In this chilling story in view of genuine occasions a family encounter unnerving otherworldly events when their child gets a vintage doll called Robert.

Aug 24,2015

Hollywood Movies | Horror

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After Paul and Jenny go separate ways with their vile maid Agatha, the disappointed previous representative gives a vintage doll called Robert to their child Gene. Not long after Agatha's takeoff, abnormal occasions start tormenting the family unit. Furniture is vandalized, articles are tossed around and deranged laughs reverberation through the house amidst the night. However, no one trusts Gene when he guarantees Robert is to be faulted for the unsettling influences. Paul and Jenny think about how possible it is that an extraordinary power has assumed control over their home. In any case, as the events raise they find that it's not the house that is spooky... it's the doll.

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Movie Parental Guide

frightening Moderate supernatural themes, Robert's appearance may frighten young children. This film has one "false" scare but generally tends to avoid the jump scare technique and relies on imagery. Robert's voice may seem disturbing to some audiences.

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