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Dalton lives like a loner, fights like a professional. And loves like there's no tomorrow.

May 19,1989

Hollywood Movies | Action | Thriller

Ratings: 6.4 / 10 from

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Length: 114 Minute(s)
The Double Deuce is the meanest, loudest and rowdiest bar south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and Dalton (Patrick Swayze) has been hired to clean it up. He might not look like much, but the Ph.D.-educated bouncer proves he's more than capable -- busting the heads of troublemakers and turning the roadhouse into a jumping hot-spot. But Dalton's romance with the gorgeous Dr. Clay (Kelly Lynch) puts him on the bad side of cutthroat local big shot Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara).
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 About three or four scenes of nudity. One where a man sees a party going on next door and people are skinny dipping. Another scene where a women dances on a stage while people watch and she slowly strips down to no bra and underwear. One scene where a man and a women have sex, it lasts for about a minute and a half. There are a few other suggestive scenes of dancing and innuendo. One bar scene where a man offers another man to kiss a women's breast for 20 dollars, he accepts the offer, fondling her breasts for a moment and then admits he doesn't have 20 dollars. One when Patrick Swayze gets out of bed, we see his rear. There are quite a few topless girls seen in the movie. A man is thrusting into a woman from behind in an alley. He makes a comment about her being his "regular Saturday night thing". We see her bare breasts and his buttocks briefly.
violence 8/10 Extremely strong graphic bloody bar fights. One fight scene where a man rips a chunk of another man's throat out. There's about two or three scenes of shooting where blood is going everywhere. One scene has Dalton outnumbered behind the bar. A bottle is broken over his head and the scene cuts away. When it cuts back, he is being held up against a wooden post by two men while another punches him in the ribs repeatedly.
profanity 8/10 Too much of everything to make count of, so be warned when your watching to hear the F-word every ten seconds. However sometimes the profanity is hard to hear at times.
alcohol 6/10 Throughout the movie there is drinking and a few scenes where women are dealing drugs. The movie is about a bouncer so of course there will be drinking throughout .
frightening 6/10 Very intense graphic bar fight scenes, and a moderate amount of nudity. Rated R for strong brutal bloody violence throughout, pervasive language and sexuality/nudity. 35/50 Some where around an average R rated movie. Mature 15 - 16 year old.

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