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Poltergeist Activity (2015)

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A father and little girl experience unexplainable events and unnerving dreams in their new home.

Jul 25,2015

Hollywood Movies | Horror

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After the demise of his significant other, David Prescott moves to an isolates farmhouse in a Welsh town with high school little girl Katherine. A distressing, irritating time is soon aggravated all the when they experience unexplained events and unnerving dreams in their new home. Urgent for answers, David swings to resigned paranormal examiner Hans Voltz who must rediscover the greater part of his expertise and otherworldly quality to vanquish the phantom danger.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity No sex or nudity. A teenage girl is in a white night shirt throughout a lot of the movie. It is not really see-through, she is wearing a bra underneath, and the only time it is raised from the bottom reveals that she is wearing boxer shorts.
violence One scene where a man gets stabbed in the neck. Not too graphic but disturbing to some viewers. Typical PG-13 Violence.
profanity There is quite a bit of profanity, including the F word.
frightening The porcelain doll is pretty scary.

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