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Office Space (1999)

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Work sucks.

Feb 19,1999

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Crime

Ratings: 7.3 / 10 from

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Length: 89 Minute(s)
Three office workers strike back at their evil employers by hatching a hapless attempt to embezzle money.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Contains a discreetly sexual dream sequence, some sexual references (e.g. "Don't forget the rubber") and a very brief shot of breast nudity.
violence None of concern.
profanity Contains frequent moderate coarse language (i.e. "fuck" "motherfucker"). In one scene, the word "motherfucker" is used repeatedly in a song lyric. Such language is often used in frustration, rather than in an aggressive manner. There is also some non-sexual use of "pussy" (as the term is used synonymously with 'coward'). Also contains some mild language (e.g. "shit" "ass" "asshole" etc).
alcohol Some recreational drinking, however, the film as a whole does not glamorize substance abuse. Contains a passing reference to a "coke-head", and a man falsely claims to be a crack addict.
frightening None of concern.

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