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Never Back Down (2008)

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Win or lose... Everyone has their fight.

Mar 04,2008

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Action

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Length: 115 Minute(s)
Rebellious Jake Tyler is lured into an ultimate underground fight Scene at his new high school, after receiving threats to the safety of his friends and family Jake decides to seek the mentoring of a veteran fighter who trains him for one final no-holds-barred elimination fight with his nemesis and local martial arts champion Ryan McCarthy.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity In the unedited version, At the party Max is seen filming two girls, topless, making out in a hot tub. The unedited "beat down" version shows flashes of nipples but the PG-13 version just show the girls in the bubbles. Also there is a part where Amber Heard is lying on top of Sean Faris. They look like they are about to get it on, but are interrupted by Sean's little brother.
violence -At the beginning we see a man beating up an 2 or 3 football players during a game because one of them made fun of his dead dad -When Jake goes to the new school, Jake sees a teen beating up another teen while people are recording, he immediately goes in to stop them, but he realizes that its street wrestling and that it wasn't bullying -When a man goes into a party he wrestles. You see him getting punched in the face 3 times and then he keeps getting up, no matter how badly he's been hurt. Finally a man punches him so hard that blood flies out of his mouth, and that he falls to the ground bleeding. [UNRATED VERSION] -Basically a whole part of the movie is Jake training to get better to beat up the man who beat him up at the party, some action between two people at the gym as practice. Its all played for practice. A man gets choked with another mans legs as a wrestling movie, and doesn't want to tap out, so he ends up going unconscious. -Talk about a mans brother getting shot in the head. -A man gets VERY angry and gets into a pointless fight. He knocks out 3 men and one of them was hit on the head with a piece of a hummer that breaks. Its later announced that he almost died.
profanity Contains some mild coarse language ("sh**", "b****" etc). There is one F-word yelled in one of the special features-deleted scenes.
alcohol A characters father dies drunk driving. smoking, drinking
frightening The scene where the friend gets beaten up may be disturbing to some.

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