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Ethan Hunt comes face to face with a dangerous and sadistic arms dealer while trying to keep his identity secret in order to protect his girlfriend.
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IMF agent Ethan Hunt has given up field work to train agents instead, because he is seeing someone, Julia whom he wants to marry and live a normal life with. But his friend, Billy Musgrave, an IMF big wig informs that an agent he trained is being held by an arms dealer. Ethan decides to rescue her and does but because of a dead man's switch that was implanted in her, she is killed by remote. When Ethan returns, high ranking IMF man, Brassel chastises both Ethan and Musgrave for their actions. Ethan decides to go off book and bring the arms dealer in. But before leaving he marries Julia. After apprehending the arms dealer Ethan returns with him to the States but upon arriving they are attacked and the arms dealer escapes. Later Julia is abducted.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man and woman kiss passionately. They take each other's clothes off (his shoulders and chest are seen along with her shoulders and bra). It's implied they have sex but the scene ends. A man and woman sleep in bed (his shoulders and chest are seen). A woman wears a revealing evening dress that shows thighs up to the hip, bare tummy, cleavage, back and shoulders. A man remembers kissing his wife (He's bare-chested whilst she's wearing knickers and a bra). Women wear low-cut dresses. There are also nude male statues. A man and woman kiss several times in the movie. A man asks another man if he was having sex with a woman.
violence Constant action violence and peril. A woman is bound and tied, later to be shot in the head. The scene is very emotional and dark. A fight between two characters ends with one character getting hit by a vehicle. A women has a large adrenaline needle stabbed in her (somewhat graphic). A helicopter battle occurs. On a plane, a man goes on about how he will kill Ethan's wife in front of him and make her cry and bleed. A woman is killed by a detonation from a pill embedded in her skull, no explosion is seen. A character is dangled out of an airplane as he is interrogated. A man is shot by a woman. A man has a small explosive charge forcefully inserted into his head through his nose. A man is electrocuted with a taser dart. A man and woman are shown to be in extreme pain from explosive charges in their heads. A man is shocked to short out a detonation charge. General punches, kicks, etc.
profanity 14 - hell 2 - ass 2 - son of a bitch 3 - damn 3 - shit 1 - bullshit 11 - God 2 - Goddamn 2 - swear to God
alcohol There is some brief casual drinking. Hoffman's character lights up a cigarette in a public bathroom.
frightening Intense sequences of action violence plus some disturbing scenes depicting torture and murder. The woman who we assume to be Julia is revealed to be wearing a mask after she is shot; a man slowly rips the duck tape off of her mouth and it appears her face is being ripped off until we see the woman's real face underneath. May be shocking at first. Some may find the scene where Lindsey is killed by the explosive charge in her head to be disturbing and upsetting, since the death is very sudden and it leaves her face somewhat disfigured.

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