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The system is perfect until it comes after you.

Jun 20,2002

Hollywood Movies | Action | Thriller | Mystery

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Length: 145 Minute(s)
John Anderton is a top "Precrime" cop in the late-21st century, when technology can predict crimes before they're committed. But Anderton becomes the quarry when another investigator targets him for a murder charge. Can Anderton find a glitch in the system and prove his innocence before it's too late?
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity We see a man and woman kiss and it cuts to the next morning in which there are some clothes on the floor and they are sleeping. While spider-bots are going through apartments looking for the main character, a couple is seen in bed having sex. Nothing seen. When John goes into a club, a man shows what the club offers. The man clicks on a screen and a woman from behind is wearing a bikini, but still indicates that she is prostituting to a man. the scene is brief
violence Quick flashes of future murders are shown quite frequently near the beginning. In the most graphic, a man shoves scissors into a woman's chest, drawing blood; blood is also seen in the water of a bathtub. Other deaths include strangulation, drowning, and shooting - all of the murders are very brief and obscured. A man has his eyes replaced. A nasty-looking metal device holds his eyelids wide open, but the actual surgery is off-screen. We do, however, see a pair of bloody eyeballs in a bag a few times (they are shown for an extended period in one scene, as they are carried around to activate security scanners). Two men shoot themselves bloodlessly in the torso on different occasions. One man gets shot in the chest and blood spreads all over his shirt before he's shot in the head off-screen. A man with no eyes is shown (we see his empty eye sockets and some of the insides of his head, but the lighting is fairly dark).
profanity One f-bomb is used. A few instances of "s**t", "damn" and "hell."
alcohol John is addicted to a futuristic drug called neuroin, which he takes from an inhaler in a couple scenes.
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