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Brandon is a 15 year old whose fantasy is a couple of outside Air Jordans. Not long after he gets his hands on them, they#39;re stolen by a nearby hood, making Brandon and his two companions go on an unsafe mission through Oakland to recover them.

Sep 09,2016

Hollywood Movies | Adventure

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Fifteen-year-old Brandon aches for a couple of the freshest tennis shoes that cash can purchase, accepting that only having them on his feet will help him get away from the truth of being poor, dismissed by the inverse sex and singled out by everybody - even his closest companions. Striving to get them, he soon finds that the main shoes have rather made him an objective after they are instantly grabbed by Flaco, a nearby hood. Brandon goes determined to recover his stolen tennis shoes.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Sexual activity is featured in the film, but is justified by context, infrequent and without strong detail. The film contains a scene depicting a woman performing oral sex on a man. The scene is brief and without any depiction of nudity. In addition, the focus of the scene is more on the facial expressions portrayed by the man, although the woman's head can be seen positioned at his crotch. A few women dance in their bras for men. A woman takes a man into a bedroom and jumps on top of him. She removes her top, her bra visible. It is implied that they have sex.
violence Lots of threats are made, often with a gun. A teenager is beat up and his shoes are stolen from him. A man is killed by a car that is doing donuts in a parking lot. A man and teenager shoot at each other. A few of the teenager's friends are caught, and one of them is hit over the head with a shotgun. Before he is shot, another friend knocks out the man with the gun. A teenager hits a man in the face with a skateboard. He then kicks the man a few times, some blood. The man then retaliates and beats up the teenager. Lots of blood on his shirt.
profanity The film contains fairly frequent uses of expletives such as "f**k", as well as the stronger expletive "motherf**ker".
alcohol There are some depictions of implied drug use in the film.
frightening 'Kicks' revolves around a teenager who, after losing his branded sneakers to a local gangster, risks his life to retrieve it. Official MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence, drug/alcohol use and language throughout, and sexual content - involving teens

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