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Revenge gets ugly.
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Length: 80 Minute(s)
Gunsliger Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin) is appointed by President Ulysses Grant to track down terrorist Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich), a former Confederate officer determined on unleashing hell on earth. Jonah not only secures freedom by accepting this task, he also gets revenge on the man who slayed his wife and child. Megan Fox plays a prostitute as well as Jonah Hex's love interst in the film.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Lilah is in bed with Jonah kissing him in a brief scene. It is somewhat implied that the two have sex, but nothing is shown or heard. Bare shoulders are briefly seen afterwards.
violence A villain gets the back of his head sliced by a boats propeller. We see a small pool of blood behind it after. Numerous shootings, primarily bloodless. A few dead people are brought to life (in spirit), their heads begin to blacken and burn before it's stopped. A villain turns into fiery ashes. A couple of fights/scuffles. Minimal blood. A man is stabbed, he dies (no blood seen). Jonah is forced to watch and cries are briefly heard as a family is burned in their house offscreen. Jonah's face is burned. The scene cuts just as the hot iron touches it.
profanity 1 use of 'shit' and 'wiseass'. 1 use of 'son of a wh-re' by a villain.
alcohol Jonah is seen drinking at a bar.
frightening A circus freak and a man fight in a ring. Some intense shootings, but nothing as bad as the MPAA rating would lead you to believe. Jonah's face may be a bit hard to look at. Rated PG-13 for: Adult Content, Violence.(HBO advisory)

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