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Welcome To Your Worst Nightmare

Jan 06,2005

Hollywood Movies | Horror

Ratings: 5.7 / 10 from

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Length: 94 Minute(s)
Three backpackers head to a Slovakian city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 10/10 A man and a woman have sex in bed: the woman thrusts on top of the man (her bare breasts and the side of her buttocks are visible and his bare chest is visible), he caresses her breasts, and four young men who are in the same room watch. Two men with two women have sex in separate beds in the same room: the women thrust on top of the young men and their bare breasts and buttocks are visible. A man thrusts with a young woman in a restroom stall (her bare breasts are visible); he photographs his actions on his telephone and sends it to his friends. Young men walk past windows where scantily clad women pose and invite them inside: when they go in silhouettes are seen and people are heard having sex in different rooms, and a young man opens one door when he hears someone who is apparently in pain and finds two people having sex (a woman is seen on top of a man who is strapped down, and she wears leather straps and her bare breasts and buttocks are visible). Three men and two women sit in a spa together (the men have towels around their waists and the women are fully nude, revealing their breasts and pubic region); they talk, and one man opens his towel to show another man his genitals after talking about having shaved a part of his body. Two nude women dress as three men enter the room (bare breasts and buttocks are visible). A man goes into a room in a brothel, a woman in the room invites him in, she removes her bra revealing her bare breasts, and her bare buttocks are visible through a thong. A man shows three men photographs of fully nude women (their breasts and pubic region visible). A man takes a picture of another man's bare buttocks with a face drawn on it. A man touches a young man's knee, the young man yells at the man, and he leaves.
violence 10/10 A man touches the floor of a restroom, a hand from a neighboring stall grabs his and cuts two of his fingers off with a scalpel; the man screams while blood pours. Another man breaks the stall door down, grabs the man, shoves his head in the toilet and nearly drowns him, picks his head up and slashes his throat. A man with a scalpel approaches a young man who is restrained in a chair: he bends down behind the young man, the young man screams frantically and tries to get up from the chair; it is revealed that his Achilles tendons have been severed they split and he flops to the floor unable to walk. The man grabs him by the head and a crack is heard. A man with a chainsaw walks toward a young man chained in a chair, he slips and falls dropping the chainsaw on his leg; his leg is severed, blood pours, and the young man frees himself and shoots the man in the head. A man with a chainsaw approaches a young man who's gagged and chained into a chair: the man holds the chainsaw above him and begins to bring it down toward the young man, the young man vomits, and the man brings the chainsaw down and cuts off two of the young man's fingers (they fall off and blood spurts). A young man goes into a room where a woman is screaming and a man leaning over her is using a torch to burn her face; the young man shoots the man. The woman's right eye is hanging out of her head; the young man cuts the eye and light colored goo oozes from the wound. A man drills several holes into a young man's body (blood pours from each hole) and the young man screams and vomits. A man collects dead and dismembered bodies, and a young man hides under a pile of bodies and parts; a severed hand falls on the floor, the man picks it up and puts it back on the cart, then pulls large pieces off the cart and cuts them into smaller pieces with a large knife. Several children stand in a street blocking a car from passing, one child throws a bottle that hits a man on the head, and other children pound on the car and on the two men inside (a man's head is dented from a blow and blood pools under his head). A young man walks through an abandoned plant and stops at a room; he sees another young man lying on a table with his chest open and covered with blood and a man with a scalpel standing over him. A young man's body lies on a table, he has several wounds, and his mouth is stitched shut. A man approaches a woman strapped to a chair with a large cutting device, and he puts it on her toes; she screams, he squeezes the device, which cuts off her toes. A young man drives into three people on the street, two are thrown and are killed and the third is hit by another speeding car. A young woman walks along a train platform, a train approaches, she jumps in front of it, and blood splatters on people on the platform. A young man hits a man in the head with a heavy hammer. At a police roadblock a man is pulled out of his car and beaten. A young man tackles a boy who has stolen his cell phone and holds him around the throat (the boy gags when he is let go).
profanity 10/10 94 uses of "fuck", 20 sexual references, 23 scatological terms, 10 anatomical terms, 6 mild obscenities, and 10 religious exclamations.
alcohol 6/10 People take pills. People smoke marijuana together. A man smokes marijuana out of a pipe. People drink alcohol at a bar. People are shown smoking cigarettes in several scenes.
frightening 8/10 The torture scenes may be intense for some viewers. Total 44/50.

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