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The Night HE Came Home!

Oct 25,1978

Hollywood Movies | Thriller | Horror

Ratings: 7.3 / 10 from

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Length: 91 Minute(s)

A psychotic murderer, institutionalized since childhood for the murder of his sister, escapes and stalks a bookish teenage girl and her friends while his doctor chases him through the streets.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 6/10 In the beginning of the movie in the opening scene, a long camera pan shot through a sliding door, we see a boyfriend and girlfriend kissing and rolling around on the couch. They later go to walk upstairs (sex is implied). We then go through the house with a long camera pan, and the boyfriend walks downstairs and leaves. We then go upstairs and we enter the room and we see the woman's bare side-breasts. She is wearing panties. She then looks over, covering her breasts. She is then killed and fall down revealing her bare breasts. This scene is very brief and darkly lit and might not be able to see it. A man and woman are in a bed and have sex under the sheets. This scene lasts about a minute, and they're interrupted when the phone rings. They take the phone off of the hook, and go back to having sex under the sheets. Afterwards, the man gets off of the woman, and lays beside her we see the woman's breasts for a second or two. A woman reveals her bare breasts to a man to get him into bed with her (non-sexual). The scene is quick and the nudity is partial and below camera. A woman walks to the phone and dials a number, while she's on the phone, her robe is open and we can see her breasts. The killer then attacks her, and during the struggle we can also see her breasts. A woman's dead body is seen stashed in a closet. Her robe is partly open, revealing a small portion of one of her breasts. Although the breast isn't all that visible because the scene is darkly lit, and not the primary focus.
violence 7/10 A girl is stabbed repeatedly in various areas of her body with a kitchen knife (we only see the knife coming up and down and then see blood on the girl's chest as well as on the blade of the knife). A man climbs on top of a car and grabs a woman by the hair through an open window as she is driving; she swerves off the road and escapes to the other side of the car, and the man uses his hand to break the window behind her; the woman gets out of the car, unharmed, and the man jumps in, driving away. A man's bloody corpse is shown on the side of a road. Blood is shown on his face and head. The Shape strangles a dog to death (we only see the dog's legs starting to limp as he is held in the air and hear whimpering). The Shape grabs a girl from behind in a car and begins strangling her; they struggle for several seconds until the man slits the girl's throat with a kitchen knife (no blood is shown; the throat-slitting is extremely brief). The Shape jumps out of a closet and throws a boy against a door; the two struggle until the man impales the boy through the stomach with a kitchen knife, leaving him to dangle there (we only see him raise the knife, hear a crunch, and see the boy's feet starting to limp; the knife is then shown in the boy's stomach from the side; no blood is evident). The Shape strangles a girl to death with a telephone cord; she struggles and gags for several seconds until she dies. A girl discovers another girl's corpse with a slightly bloody slit throat lying on a bed, a boy's bloody corpse hanging in a doorway, and a third girl's corpse in a closet. The girl is then stabbed in the shoulder from behind by Michael with a kitchen knife (we later see the bloody wound) and falls over a balcony railing, landing roughly on a staircase below; the girl, now limping, locks herself in a kitchen and tries to escape through a door leading outside, which has been held shut with a rake; Michael breaks through the kitchen door with his hand and the girl breaks through the other door's glass pane, escaping (her hand is later shown with blood on it). The girl is chased across the street and throws a potted plant at a boy's window to get his attention to let her in; once inside, Michael attacks her again from behind a couch, attempting to stab her with his knife, but misses and hits the couch instead; the girl then stabs Michael in the neck with a knitting needle (we see the needle in his neck as he pulls it out and apparently dies, and then see a little blood on the tip of the needle, but the scene is dark and at night, so it may go unnoticed). Michael attacks the girl once again and she locks herself in a closet as he breaks through its doors with his knife; the girl stabs him in the eye with a coat hanger, causing him to drop his knife, which she then uses to stab him in the chest (not graphic; no blood is shown). The girl is attacked by Michael for a final time as he attempts to strangle her; they struggle for several seconds until another man enters and shoots Michael six times, causing him to fall off of a balcony to his presumed death in the yard below (no blood is evident).
profanity 3/10 Language is used but not too bad.
alcohol 4/10 A woman is shown smoking a cigarette. Two girls share a cigarette as they walk home from school. A girl and a boy drink beer in a car and are later shown smoking cigarettes while in bed. One mild reference to a marijuana joint.
frightening Rated R for sexual content/nudity, graphic violence and some drug use. This should be OK for 14+

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