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Evil. Unmasked.

Aug 31,2007

Hollywood Movies | Horror

Ratings: 5.8 / 10 from

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Length: 109 Minute(s)
After being committed for 17 years, Michael Myers, now a grown man and still very dangerous, escapes from the mental institution (where he was committed as a 10 year old) and he immediately returns to Haddonfield, where he wants to find his baby sister, Laurie. Anyone who crosses his path is in mortal danger
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 8/10 A teenage boy and a teenage girl have sex on a couch: we see him thrusting on top of her, they pull on each other's clothes (we see her bare breasts and his bare back and underwear) and they are interrupted. A teenage boy and a teenage girl have sex under a blanket (we hear moaning and she thrusts on top of him); we see his bare chest and he has his hands on her bare breasts. A teenage boy and a teenage girl lie in bed kissing (her bare breasts and his bare back are visible), he is shown on top of her thrusting briefly, and then he gets out of bed. A fully nude teenage girl (Kristina Klebe) is killed (her bare breasts, buttocks and pubic region are visible). A teenage girl removes a blanket and shows her bare breasts (which we also see) to someone who she thinks is her boyfriend. A woman wearing a thong and a bikini top (bare buttocks, abdomen, thighs and cleavage are visible) dances around a pole at an exotic dance club while men watch her -- another dancer's bare breasts are also visible. A man sitting in a bathroom stall looks at a pornographic magazine: we see fully nude women in suggestive poses that reveal bare breasts, buttocks, and the pubic region, including the labia. We see a newspaper clipping of a scantily clad woman with star shapes covering her nipples (it's advertising an exotic dance club). A teenage girl wears a tight, low-cut top that reveals cleavage and very short-shorts, and a woman wears low-cut tops that reveal cleavage. A husband and wife kiss. A 10-year-old boy enters his sister's room (she lies on a bed wearing a tank T-shirt), he tickles her bare thigh, and she becomes angry when she realizes it is her brother (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A man makes crude sexual remarks toward a teenage girl, who's the daughter of his girlfriend or wife. Three teenage girls taunt a man who watches them walking along a sidewalk and one invites him to have sex with them (they laugh and walk away). A young girl talks about her teenage babysitter "sharing something" with her boyfriend. Three teenage girls scheme about how to get one of them together with her boyfriend on that night. A man tells a woman, in crude and accusatory terms, that he thinks a boy is gay. A teenage girl makes a joke about a man making sexually inappropriate advances toward her and waves two bagel halves in front of her clothed breasts. a girl is also raped in the mental hospital
violence 10/10 A man is taped to a chair and his throat is slit by 10-year-old Michael Myers (we hear a squish, see the wound open and blood gushes out, while the man twitches briefly and then dies). A young man is struck on the head with a baseball bat by 10-year-old Michael Myers; he falls to the floor, twitches and is then struck repeatedly on the head (we hear his head crunching and see a bloody pulp and puddle on the floor). 10-year-old Michael Myers with a large stick strikes a bully in the legs, the bully falls to the ground, Michael with the stick continues to strike him repeatedly while he pleads and tries to crawl away, and we see a lot of blood on his face and nose; we also hear crunching when he is struck on the head and then he stops breathing. A young woman slaps 10-year-old Michael Myers in the face several times while asking him a question, he then stabs her in the stomach; we see a lot of blood on her shirt and legs, she staggers down a hallway, he stabs her repeatedly in the back, and she falls to the floor covered with blood, twitches and dies. Michael Myers grabs a man, throws him into a wall, throws him over a table, shoves his head into a sink filled with water until he is nearly dead (we see blood on the man's face and coming out of his mouth when he is in the water), he drops him on the floor and crushes him with a TV set (we see the TV coming down and the screen goes black). Michael Myers attacks a teenage boy, slams him against a wall, squeezes his throat (we hear cracking and see his feet twitching), and then stabs him through the chest and leaves him dangling from the knife that is stuck into the wall behind him. Michael Myers slams a police officers against a wall, then crushes one of the officer's head by slamming it into a wall, another police officer shoots at the Michael but he strikes the police officer in the chest, and is then slashed on the throat (we see blood spurt and pour with each kill). A man with a knife threatens Michael Myers who grabs his arm and slams it repeatedly into a wall, which breaks; he then gets the knife away and stabs him in the abdomen several times (we see him lying on the floor in a pool of blood). A man is slashed and pushed through the front door of his house (we see his bloody head and face), his wife inside is terrified as the attacker, holding a knife approaches her, she is stabbed off-screen, she pulls herself along the floor trying to reach a phone, Michael grabs her and slams her into a table (we see shards of glass in her face), and then grabs her by the hair and pulls until we hear her neck break. 11-year-old Michael Myers stabs a woman in the neck with a fork (we see her thrashing, see blood on her hand and on the floor as she falls). Michael Myers grabs a nude teenage girl around the throat and squeezes (we hear cracking and gagging) and she falls limp to the floor. Michael Myers grabs a teenage boy, holds him in the air and stabs him (not much is shown and we hear a crunch and a thud). Michael Myers breaks a car window and pulls a screaming teenage girl out, and he throws the girl aside and attacks a man by squeezing his head until he crushes it (we see the man's eyes and nose begin to bleed, hear crunching and a thud when he is dead). A teenage girl screams and runs trying to get away from the killer, he catches her and strikes her hard in the face, she falls to the floor, crawls away, but he grabs her and drags her back (she has a bloody face and the scene ends). A young girl screams when she sees a teenage boy's body hanging from a rope with a pumpkin on his head and a wounded, blood-covered teenage girl on the floor. Michael Myers drags a woman's dead body down a hallway and we see a bloody trail. Michael is shot three times and falls to the ground. A woman commits suicide by shooting herself in the head (we hear the gunshot and hear a baby screaming in the background). Michael Myers grabs a teenage girl and carries her kicking and screaming out of a house (we see her wake up later). A teenage girl stabs Michael Myers in the shoulder, he falls to the ground, she runs away, he gets up and chases her, she falls into an empty swimming pool and she hurts her leg. A teenage girl points a gun at Michael Myers who charges toward her, pushes her back through a window and over a balcony (we see them both on the ground unconscious). A teenage girl climbs on top of Michael Myers and pulls the trigger of a gun three times, trying to kill him; the gun does not discharge the first two times, she spits on him, and then the gun fires and she screams uncontrollably (we don't see whether the last shot had an impact). A teenage girl falls through a ceiling and lands hard on the floor (we see her with a very bloody face). We see a very bloody, dead coyote stretched on sticks and placed in the ground as a marker at a gravesite. We see a dead cat in a plastic bag and photographs of other dead animals that were found in a Michael's school locker. A woman screams and thrashes when she sees bloody bodies being wheeled out of her house on stretchers and we hear news reports of brutal murders committed by a 10-year-old boy. 10-year-old Michael Myers washes a scalpel that is covered with blood, we hear that his pet rat is dead and understand that he has killed it. A teenage girl runs from Michael who chases her, she pounds on the front door of a house, screams, gets inside and hides with two children. Two bullies insult and assault 10-year-old Michael Myers in the bathroom: they make crude sexual remarks and accusations about his mother and sister and then shove him to the floor and punch him repeatedly (they are stopped by the school principal). A man threatens to break his arm on a boy's face. 11-year-old Michael Myers thrashes and resists when held by police. A man describes a woman's suicide as "she blew her head off." We see a man with two broken fingers, a broken arm and a broken leg all in casts or splints.
profanity 10/10 A lot of profanity. 62 F-words and its derivatives, 1 obscene hand gesture, 26 sexual references, 19 scatological terms, 22 anatomical terms, 19 mild obscenities, 4 derogatory term for homosexuals, 2 derogatory terms for mentally challenged, 1 derogatory term for physically challenged, 8 religious profanities and 18 religious exclamations. Name-calling (fat sloth, insane, devil, jerk, Satan's child, crazy, pig, sick and idiot.)
alcohol 2/10 A man drinks alcohol in several scenes. Men drink alcohol in an exotic dance club. A man smokes cigarettes in a few scenes.
frightening 10/10 Many very graphic scenes of violence. The rape scene in the director's cut is very disturbing and sadistic. Some people may find Michael Myer's face/mask frightening. Death and chase scenes are quite intense. Some parts of the film may disturb viewers. Very strong horror throughout this film. The tone is dark and sinister. This entire film is filled with frightening scenes Rated R for strong brutal bloody violence and terror throughout, sexual content, graphic nudity and language Not appropriate for people under the age of 18. Rating: 42/50 Some may find young Michael's murder scenes disturbing or intense due to his young age he starts to kill at.

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