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Hall Pass (2011)

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One Week, No Rules

Feb 25,2011

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

Ratings: 5.4 / 10 from

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Length: 105 Minute(s)
When best buds Rick and Fred begin to show signs of restlessness at home, their wives take a bold approach to revitalize their marriages: they grant the guys a "hall pass", one week of freedom to do whatever they want. At first, it seems like a dream come true, but they quickly discover that their expectations of the single life - and themselves - are completely and hilariously out of sync with reality.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 8/10 --The main theme of the movie is that two men receive a "hall pass", which means they can have a week away from marriage to do whatever they want with anyone they want. The movie contains sexual references and humor and many scenes of men trying to "pick up" women. A man is implied to be manually stimulating an older woman (no nudity) Two men make comments on a woman's breasts A woman makes a joke about sex, non explicit A woman removes her top and her bare breasts are seen for a brief while only about 10 seconds It's implied that a woman sleeps with a younger man (nothing is shown) A man falls asleep in a hot tub, and almost drowns, two guys come out of the sauna to help him, they are both fully naked and showing their penises full frontal. One of the men has a large erection in full view. (Graphic male genital nudity) One scene a guy is shown getting ass-raped and he keeps moving up and down and groaning.
violence 2/10 A few scenes involving a young man firing a gun at two men, but no one gets hurt by the weapon.
profanity 6.5/10 Mild and infrequently uses of the F word
alcohol 5/10 There is a scene where several friends all eat brownies and are shown intoxicated because the male put something in them Several scenes that take place at bars and everyone is drinking.
frightening 0/10 Total Score: 28/50b] The movie contains some sexual scenes but isn't explicit like other comedies of the same nature tend to be Rated 16: strong language, graphic nudity, sexual content/humor,drug references

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