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Four secondary school understudies hope to reclassify themselves after graduation.

Oct 21,2016

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Four secondary school understudies hope to reclassify themselves after graduation.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Sexual activity is portrayed but justified by context, infrequent and without strong detail. The film contains several scenes portraying sexual activity. In a stronger montage sequence, a man is seen having sex with various women, where female and male upper body nudity is seen. While the acts are mostly implied, a scene in the montage depicts sexual thrusting clearly. Such portrayals of sexual activity make the film suited for an older audience. There are also numerous verbal sexual references and innuendos throughout the film, including a scene of implied masturbation and another non-explicit scene depicting a girl performing a handjob on her male friend.
alcohol The film depicts some drug use, where some characters are shown inhaling smoke from a handheld bong and smoking rolled joints.
frightening 'Good Kids' is a comedy revolving around Andy, a geeky high school student, and his three friends. After graduating from high school, the four friends realize that they have missed out on life experiences by always being well-behaved. They decide to completely reinvent themselves and enjoy their time together before they head off to college. Official MPAA Rating: Rated R for sexual content, language, and drug and alcohol use - all involving teens

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