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A specially trained squad of guinea pigs is dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire from taking over the world.

Jul 24,2009

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Comedy | Action

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The story is about a team of trained secret agent guinea pigs that takes on a mission for the US government. A specially trained squad of guinea pigs is dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire, who plans to taking over the world with household appliances.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 1/10 A guinea pig claims to have a "hot Canadian girlfriend" and there is a love triangle in which one characters claims to be disinterested in her two suitors.
violence 5/10 A coffee machine is shown turning into an evil robot, shooting coffee beans at two guinea pigs and turning the coffee grinder function into a spinning blade that crashes through a storefront window and almost hits three humans; it also shoots laser beams at the two guinea pigs, it chases one guinea pig into oncoming traffic, and then it is crushed by a car while the guinea pig stands out of the way. Appliances become animated and form violent robots that wield their internal structures as spinning weapons that hurt characters (pikes and various others). A giant robot crashes through a large, crowded home, causing people to run in fear as it reports that it will soon force all humans to go underground; it scoops up a car that contains two terrified humans and their faces are shown with a look of panic. A guinea pig is shown pinned under a large box, covered in dirt and presumably dead (the guinea pig is actually fine). A guinea pig is trapped in a microwave and the microwave scrolls through pre-programmed cook-times while another guinea pig comments that the microwave is about to cook the trapped pig. A huge explosion is heard and seen, and a fireball erupts and tears through a passageway where three guinea pigs have left their friend behind, implying that the friend has probably been consumed in the fire. A man throws a mole, in a plastic bag, into a trash compacting truck. A guinea pig, flying through the air, kicks a dog and then crashes into a bush. A guinea pig falls to the ground as a giant robot rips through a house and yard. A guinea pig runs full-force into a glass wall, his face is shown smashing into the glass and he then passes out on the ground. A large snake lunges at the screen, with teeth bared. A large dog bares its teeth and digs at a hole in the ground where a mole is hiding; the dog barks and snarls and the mole is visibly shaken. A guinea pig is almost caught on fire as the fireplace it is standing on is lit; the guinea pig is pulled out of the fireplace with a zip-line, and another guinea pig points out that the guinea pig's backside is on fire and tackles him to put the small flame out. A guinea pig flips another guinea pig over its back. A guinea pig crashes around a yard in a remote control car, being chased by a boy and a girl, and another guinea pig wraps the girl in a sheet and the boy is tipped over into a small swimming pool. A guinea pig is shown being thrown through the air, landing only inches away from a cage containing a dangerous snake. Three guinea pigs dive off a large building. A group of guinea pigs fly down an open airshaft. Venus Fly Trap plants snap at a fly as it zooms through flowers. A hamster shoves two guinea pigs through a trap door on a cage, causing them to crash to the ground. A person wearing a large gas mask and Tyvek suit is shown stepping out of a van marked "EXTERMINATIN" and carrying a large instrument that is emitting gasses, causing rodents to pass out (the rodents are then shown to be perfectly fine). A glass chandelier is shown shattering, and glass flies over a group of people who have to duck to avoid being hit. A guinea pig falls backwards and is hit on the head with the lid of a box. A woman is accidentally pushed over as a man attempts to kill a fly; the woman punches the man, and the tray she is carrying falls to the ground and glasses break. A guinea pig is shown sitting on a sprinkler, which then turns on and the water pressure flips the guinea pig through the air and he lands on the sidewalk. A guinea pig accuses a hamster of allowing the guinea pig's friend to be crushed; the guinea pig, very upset, grabs the hamster and throws him. A guinea pig, while talking with another guinea pig, discusses the extreme level of danger of their current situation as they are surrounded by Doberman dogs. A group of guards with large dogs are shown patrolling the perimeter of a home; the dogs are heard snarling. A cat meows and bares its teeth at a guinea pig. Small rodents are shown breaking into a home. A guinea pig uses a rope for lashing a dog's mouth shut. A mole feigns death in an attempt to escape from a cage; a woman sees the mole, pokes it in the stomach and then starts screaming. Obviously vexed, a mole cries out, "Not the cage!" as he is crammed into a cage. A grenade is shown and a guinea pig points out that it is attached to a trip-wire, which, if tripped, will go "tick tick boom." A large truck is shown ramping over, and crashing on top of, a parked camper; the car is destroyed, but the two passengers of the car are shown rumpled, but okay. A car crashes through an intersection and comes to a screeching halt; the passengers are okay. A large car crashes, flipping over twice, and the occupants are unharmed. A car crashes through a table set-up of live fireworks, causing the fireworks to explode. Three guinea pigs in a small vehicle are shown breaking through a large window, and glass shatters, falling to the ground. A high-speed chase is shown going through crowded city streets and cutting through a busy intersection, as large trucks are shown chasing three small vehicles driven by guinea pigs. A guinea pig is shown using a small saw attached to his vehicle to weaken the sidewalls of a tire. A large robot is shown with sparks flying and arm-like blades spinning. Humans are shown ducking to avoid flaming debris falling from the sky. A man whips a robot with a chain. Two men loudly shout at one another. A man admits that he had helped break into a person's house without permission. A guinea pig says that he will come back to see a boy that was being cruel by visiting him in prison. A man discusses how a mole's family was exterminated. A plan is discussed that would cause "global extermination," bringing an end to humanity; a map of the world is shown being covered quickly in bright red. A man discusses how a person used to be a "former arms dealer" and is being investigated for selling weapons, as images of Army tanks and helicopters are flashed on the screen. A person asks another person if they are ready to dominate and change the world. A man discusses how he had found the group of guinea pigs, and one was being used in animal testing for hair gel, while another was about to be killed and made into a snack, and the final pig had been abandoned by its family. A small hamster threatens guinea pigs, saying that he is about to deliver a "knuckle sandwich." A guinea pig threatens to turn another guinea pig into a small side of bacon. A man says that he wants the animals back, "dead or alive." A group of humans discuss how guinea pigs were "fugitives" and inquire if they had possibly been involved in terrorist activity. A group of animals discuss how an animal that had died was buried in the backyard. A group of guinea pigs discuss with a man that their friend had been crushed by a garbage truck. A guinea pig refers to his faked death, claiming to have prompted people to cry. A guinea pig refers to himself as being "in the morgue," while hiding among fur coats. A guinea pig states that it was about to be attacked, so it had to block the blows. Another guinea pig discusses how he will become a "killing machine." A man says that the group of specialist guinea pigs will be "used as guinea pigs" meaning that they might be used to test drugs, rather than being treated as special agents. A boy holds a guinea pig upside down; the guinea pig is obviously distressed and three small mice respond that the guinea pig should poop in the boy's hand. A guinea pig tells another guinea pig to not point his backside at him, because "it might go off" (implying flatulence). A guinea pig threatens to "take off" the finger, then the hand, of a small girl. Hundreds of cockroaches are shown swarming over tables and on food that two people are attempting to eat. A hamster, spits up a saliva-covered nut and offers it to two guinea pigs; one guinea pig takes the spit-covered nut and eats it. A guinea pig is shown attempting to make a spark, a loud flatulence sound is heard and a ball of fire erupts from the gas being set on fire; another guinea pig remarks that the flatulent guinea pig's bottom is a "crime against nature." A very loud flatulence noise is heard coming from a guinea pig, causing a mouse to pass out. A loud flatulence noise is heard and the small area where two guinea pigs are is shown fogging up; a guinea pig makes a gagging sound, presumably in response to the smell and the two guinea pig's actions are then called, "sick" by another guinea pig. Two guinea pigs are shown, one's bottom resting on the head of the other; the two argue about the position using anatomical terms.
profanity 2/10 At least one use of the Lord's name in vain: "Oh my God!". Some fart jokes (from Hurley). Some insults throughout. (Whoever previously edited this, I watched this film and I didn't hear the word "ass" (I am not deaf). So I removed it.) 1 use of holy foxes
alcohol 0/10 None.
frightening 3/10 Contains some intense action sequences which may frighten young viewers.

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