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Four Brothers (2005)

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They came home to bury mom... and her killer

Aug 11,2005

Hollywood Movies | Action | Crime

Ratings: 6.7 / 10 from

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Length: 109 Minute(s)
Four adopted brothers return to their Detroit hometown when their mother is murdered and vow to exact revenge on the killers.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 5/10 a woman sits on a washing machine ready to have sex , later she is seen with her legs wrapped around a man, they are kissing and moaning but interrupted a man sits on a toilet nothing graphic (the scene is meant to be funny) a man steps out of a shower, you see his butt a man refers to another man as a "cockologist" It is implied that a man has had sex many times with his girlfriend, and he thinks he may have an std but he is told that it is just 'rug burn" a woman supposedly cheats on her boyfriend and is seen running in her bra and panties through the streets with a jacket around her. a woman is seen giving a lapdance but is interrupted no actual nudity or sex
violence 8/10 Several scenes of shooting and threatening with weapons. A man falls from a building and we see his leg visibly broken, with bone fragment sticking out of his jeans. A young man is shot through the shoulder (Blood is shown) then shot several more times in the back and legs several men are shot during a shootout though the scene isn't overly graphic. Someone is hit in the face with a brick, no blood is shown. A man is beaten in the face repeatedly. A young man is shown dying with blood coming out of his mouth and on his clothing. Several fights, some with bloody aftermaths a man is stabbed in the chest a few times.
profanity 8/10 65 f-words and it's variations. 58+ s-words and it's variations,the N-word is used several times. some sexual terms and anatomic terms as well and other moderate to strong language.
alcohol 4/10 Beers, bars, Drinks
frightening 7/10 Several Scenes involving the Mercer family can be intense, especially when Jack is killed 14+ due to violence and language

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