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An ex-special forces soldier turned boatman is hired by a journalist to investigate a top-secret military base on a nearby island.

Oct 02,2008

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Action

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Jack Carver, a German ex-special forces soldier turned boatman, is hired by Valerie Cardinal, a journalist, to take her to a nearby island where her uncle Max works in a top-secret research facility, smuggling information out. However, the facility's director and evil mastermind Dr. Krieger is actually creating genetically modified super-soldiers with no intelligence, and Uncle Max and Val are taken by Krieger's mercenaries. It's now only up to Jack and his trusty handgun to save them and defeat Krieger's evil minions.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man is seen in his underwear and a woman is seen in her bra and panties. They get into bed together and it's implied in dialogue that they had sex.
violence - A man's guts are seen. - A man's head is pushed back into a fence. - A man is sawed in half. - A man is shot in the face and bloody. - Many scenes of people fighting and getting shot.
profanity 'Shit, ass, hell, damn, oh my God',
alcohol Some smoking.
frightening Several intense scenes.

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