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Fantasia is the adventurous 1940 experiment from Disney. The film sets Disney animated characters to classical music as Mickey Mouse uses his magic wand to set broomsticks dancing in one of the more famous elaborate scenes. The film was groundbreaking in its usage of animation and music and is still considered a masterpiece decades later.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity In the "Pastoral" sequence, the are brief scenes of female centaurs with exposed breasts (without nipples) as they are seen bathing. After the bath scene, their breasts are covered by flower wreaths, long hair, etc. In the same sequence Cupids fly around in the nude, buttocks exposed (without genitalia). There is a gag toward the end of one movement in which a cupid's rear end forms a heart. There is a quick, brief moment during the "Night on Bald Mountain" sequence in which two flying harpies' breasts are visible very close-up. Unlike the centaurs, these harpies are anatomically correct.
violence In "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", Mickey chops a live broom to bits, referencing classic horror movies. The action is seen in silhouette to lessen the intensity of the scene. Zeus attempts to strike various gods with lightning and a violent storm sweeps and disrupts the creatures in "Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony" scene. A Tyrannosaurus Rex fights and kills a Stegosaurus during the "Rite of Spring" sequence. The demon in the "Night on Bald Mountain" has a very menacing look to him, and the ghosts/creepers that join him look grotesque. The whole sequence is made to look like hell (literally), and several creepers fall into the fire. The ghosts, creepers, and demon all disappear when church bells ring, and everything becomes peaceful again.
profanity None. This is a G-rated motion picture. There is not a lot of dialogue to begin with; there is no profanity.
alcohol In the Pastoral sequence, Bacchus is tipsy on wine. However, this remains true to Greek mythology, as Bacchus is the god of wine.
frightening The "Rite of Spring" segment involves depictions of death. A Mosausar grasps a Pteranodon in his jaws and kills it. A Tyrannosaurus Rex kills a Stegosaurus by breaking its neck. Finally all dinosaurs die from a combination of starvation and dehydration, and the final scenes depict their bones. The appearance of the Tyrannosaurus Rex may frighten some children. The "Sorcerer's Apprentice" features Mickey axing a living broomstick to splinters (all in shadow, but the imagery is menacing and the broom looks like it is struggling to flee). The broom bits resurrect into an army of brooms. In the "Pastoral Symphony", the god Zeus gleefully uses the weather elements to scare other characters and throws thunderbolts to his son Bacchus. The scenes might be mildly disturbing for younger children. The "Night on Bald Mountain" sequence can be frightening for younger children, particularly the appearance of the giant demon Chernabog who looms over smaller demons, devils, ghosts and ghouls. In one scene, he throws demons into a pit of fire. In another scene, he transforms dancing fire maidens into demonic animals. Reportedly Disney still occasionally receives complaints about the sequence. However, the "Night of Bald Mountain" ends with "good" daylight, forcing the scary images to retreat. A rendition of "Ave Maria" and scenes of churchgoers and nature counters all the scariness. BBFC - (U): mild violence, scary scenes.

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