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At the point when a US soccer group gets stranded on a left island after a plane accident they should confront troublesome decisions to survive. Current Lord of the Flies.

Sep 18,2015

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller

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After their plane accidents off the shoreline of a forsook Pacific island, the surviving individuals from an American soccer group end up in the most critical of conditions with restricted assets, decreasing nourishment supply and no salvage coming at any point in the near future. Solidarity vanishes as differences cause the gathering to isolate into groups - a brutal one lead by an unequal ruler (Peck), and an empathetic one drove by a caring player (Parker).
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The film contains a scene depicting sexual activity between a couple. The scene does not contain any nudity, and is focused mainly on their upper body movements and facial expressions. In another scene, a naked woman is seen to be straddling a man in a sexual position. However, due to the position the woman is holding the man in, no nudity is seen.
profanity The use of the expletive 'f**k' is spoken frequently throughout the film. There is also an utterance of the expletive 'motherf**ker'.
frightening Recommended for persons aged 18 and above. Official MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence, language and some sexuality

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