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Detective Harry Callahan. He doesn't break murder cases. He smashes them.

Dec 22,1971

Hollywood Movies | Action | Crime | Thriller

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Length: 102 Minute(s)
When a madman dubbed the "Scorpio Killer" terrorizes San Francisco, hard-boiled cop Harry Callahan -- famous for his take-no-prisoners approach to law enforcement -- is tasked with hunting down the psychopath. Harry eventually collars Scorpio in the process of rescuing a kidnap victim, only to see him walk on technicalities. Now, the maverick detective is determined to nail the maniac himself.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 At 9:45, Harry and the major talk about how to distinguish rape. This is very short and Harry has the better view point. At 28:33, we see a man take off a womans top. She hears something and goes over to the window where we see her gigantic breasts. We see her breasts again at 29:06 and at 29:11. The scenes where we see her breasts are brief but noticeable. At 40:15, we see Harry looking at a woman in her underwear. She leaves and then returns completely naked. Her breasts and pubic hair can be seen. There is also a portrait of a naked woman in her apartment. This is relatively short but it is noticeable. At 45:10, a man says that a young girl has nice breasts. At 1:10:02, we see a young woman being pulled out of a well. We see her breasts and her pubic region. This lasts for about 15 seconds. We later learn that she was raped. At 1:15:25, we see a naked woman groping her own breasts. We later see two naked women dancing. The breasts of one can be seen and both of their butts are visible. There are two instances of full frontal female nudity.
violence 5/10 Because this movie is old, the violence in the movie can be seen as cheesy. At 1:46, we see a woman get shot in the back of the shoulder. We see the entrance wound and a little blood. She then dies in a pool. At 13:10, Harry shoots two men. Blood can be seen on Harrys pants and one of the men is seen with blood covering his arm. At 43:12, we see a man lying on the floor with blood covering his body. At 59:10, Scorpio starts to beat Harry. We see blood on Harrys face. We later learn that he has two broken ribs. At 1:00:30, Harry stabs [spoiler Scorpio in the thigh. We blood on his leg and on the knife when he pulls it out. At 1:08:30, Harry shots the bad guy and we see blood on his leg. Harry proceeds to torture the man (The torture is very brief). At 1:18:00, a man starts to beat Scorpio . He is seen cover in blood and his face is swollen. At 1:24:50, Scorpio attacks an elderly man with a bottle. At 1:32:53, Scorpio hits a child in the face and acts violent towards other children. At 1:38:49, Scorpio is shot in the shoulder. The entrance wound is seen along with some blood. Harry then shoots Scorpio dead.
profanity 4/10 At 20:45, a certain fat man goes down a list of racial insults in a way to tell another man that Harry hates everybody. There are 5 uses of Hell, 5 uses of B*tch, 4 Racial Slurs, 3 uses of B*stard, 3 Religious Swears, 2 uses of Sh*t, 2 uses of D*mn, 1 use of Assh*le, 1 use of Ass, and 1 use of F*ck. The film features some very outdated, stereotypical depictions of racial minorities.
alcohol 2/10 In a few scenes, we see people smoking cigars and drinking alcohol.
frightening 5.5/10 At 30:39, a man tries to commit suicide. This is a little stressful. At 41:52, there is a gun fight. At 1:00:13, there is another gun fight. At 1:35:06, there is a gun fight. This one is quite long and involves some hostages. The main villain is deranged and evil. And the main police officer is also quite evil in his own way. There are a few more tense moments in the film. But it should be noted that this film is quite old so these moments can be seen as cheesy. All this brought to you by:

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